“It’s a Neat Trick. You Rig an Election and then If You Happen to Notice – You Make It Illegal for Them to Run for Office” – Liz Harrington on the Radical Left’s Attacks on MTG

April 26, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit


By Joe Hoft
Published April 26, 2022 at 7:00am

Liz Harrington from the Trump team was on OAN and she discussed the 2020 Election and the actions taken by the crooked left to prevent and punish anyone who claims the stolen election was stolen.

Liz Harrington, President Trump’s spokesperson, discussed Marjorie Taylor Greene and the attacks from the left, on OAN:

She’s incredibly strong [MTG].  She has really a lot of popular support.  But it is scary.  It’s amazing that we’ve come to this.  You have these phony corrupt lawyers that are saying you shouldn’t be allowed to run in your district because you invoke 1776.  This is unbelievable and they’re trying it everywhere… but these radical leftists aren’t going to stop.  It’s a neat trick.  You rig the election, and then if you happen to notice you make it illegal for them to run for office.


Liz is right.  This is a very corrupt group – the radical left.