It’s “THE JEEEWWWS!” Alex Jones Angry Rant Against “All These Mentally Ill Jew-Obsessed People.”

December 10, 2015 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Liberty Fight
 | via: Freedom 4um | Dec 10, 2015 

Alex Jones in his Monday, December 7th 2015 program in the 2nd hour went on an irritated rant about “THE JEEEEWWWS,” discounting anyone who criticizes the Jews and referring to them as “these mentally ill Jew-obsessed people.”

Alex began “The Saudis are selling oil at lower than it costs to produce it. And once they’re done then they’ll jack up prices 5, ten times what they used to be…

“But the public is so child-like. We talked three years ago about them lowering oil prices to bankrupt U.S. oil production.

“‘Shut up, conspiracy theorist. There’s nothing in Saudi Arabia. No one has any power but JEEEEEWS.’ Literally.”

‘Hey Saudi arabia’s bankrupting the oil industry.’


“All these mentally ill Jew-obsessed people. It’s like, it’s comical if it wasn’t so serious.”

“And and they give up their own free will. People that think it’s the Catholics or the Jews or you know, any one group – they don’t have any power. The reason that you’re not successful is because of “THE JEEEWWWS.” And the reason I’m successful is not because I’m hard working and intelligent and a good orator and a good manager and all the rest of it . It’s because of “THE JEEEWWWS.” Always the same moronic idiocy.

“It’s like saying ‘THE MUSLIMS’ when there’s like, ten different groups.”

“I know who the bad group is, it’s the lobbyists! It’s the Saudi Arabian scum government. That’s who it is.”

“And I have other criminal groups, and I go after all of them.”

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