I’ve Had Enough

August 13, 2017 in News by Ken

source: www.lewrockwell.com

I’m 50, unemployed, and poor. Okay? I don’t give a damn about whether or not Bashar al-Assad runs Syria, about Russia, or any of these other so-called political concerns I’m told to have by the Democratic Party who has learned the sum total of absolutely nothing in the 2016 election. When it was revealed the election of 2016 was more about economic concerns than anything else, the Democrats vowed to work on that—the promptly forgot it and blamed the loss on Russia. Despite the fact that Russia has not laid off Americans or contributed to poverty in the United States.

I am tired of Democrats who assume I’ll vote for them because I’m poor. They’re toying with a new 2018 campaign slogan that says, “Have You Seen The Other Guys?” Yes, actually, I have seen the other guys. And you know what? You’re as bad as they are. When people can’t afford Obamacare, you tell them, “You should get a better job”. Just like Republicans would say. When people want the individual mandate repealed because they don’t want to be penalized for not being able to afford your so-called “affordable” health care, what do you say? “People need to take personal responsibility for their health care!” Amazing! Because that is exactly what the Republicans say whenever the concept of single payer health care comes up! You guys cheat by copying one another’s homework.

The Democrats have Kamala Harris attend some hush-hush meeting up in the Hamptons and assume I can’t see through this charade of another wealthy, privileged individual who’ll allegedly understand the things I struggle with. Really? So Kamala wonders how she’ll afford her medication? Kamala knows how to eat on $20 a week because she has to? Kamala shops for clothes at thrift stores? I see the Democrats are just doing business as usual. Providing another pre-picked candidate who would be a high-profile banking executive if she hadn’t chosen politics to express her privileged status.

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