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By Jeff Bennett, RBN host of  The Edge of Darkness on RBN

…but what you will read below – will NOT be the end of today’s story, so stay with us until the end – for it may ONLY be – the Beginning!

On my May 7, 2014 global broadcast, “To Health With You!”, I was privileged to share with my audience, a complete lecture that Kelley had delivered in New York City – and it opened my eyes to a side I had never witnessed of Dr. Kelley – what appeared to be not only a dedicated man (something which I had never doubted in the years I knew and worked with him), but a man with a sense of humor – and at that time – much more than a twinkle in his eye.

All of this was before the death of Steve McQueen – before the studies of Kelley’s work and counselee filed by a man who would one day become a student of Kelley – and ultimately become well known for his own involvement in that which he would soon learn – Nicholas Gonzalez (under the guidance of Dr. Robert Good) – before the attacks on Kelley by representative “entertainers” of the mainstream media – before multiple attacks on him by various factions of both state and federal governments – and before the attempts on his life – all of which drove this tireless champion of TRUTH underground for some years – sometimes in Pennsylvania – other times in Washington state – and still other times – well who really knows where.

What follows is not the Kelley I remember. I met him some twenty-eight years later, when all the years of fighting our common enemy had taken its toll – but had not quite beaten him into submission (and they never really did). He had heard of my then radio program, ‘Perspectives on America’ and requested to be a guest, as he apparently liked what and who he had heard. We spoke for awhile on the phone, and he suggested that he mail a copy of ‘One Answer to Cancer’ for me to read, and that if I liked it and found it of import, might I consider having him on the program? I received the book within the week and read it in one sitting that very night. I was fascinated and read it again the next evening – deciding that this needed to be shared – with the world. We scheduled his first appearance for January 28, 1999. I’ll not bore you with the rest of the story – but I am still sitting here at my desk some (twenty-four) years later – trying to reach those who will listen – of the marvels of what this quiet, unassuming genius had to offer the world.

Yet Donald had his dark side as well in those later years. He was quick to jump at you if he felt that you were trying to take advantage of him (as many did) and to ban you from his “inner circle” (which was small). By the time I had met him – he had become a man who trusted very few – and rightfully so. In most cases – he reserved his patience for those who came to seek his guidance in their search for optimum health.

In New York City on this day in November of 1971 – a different Dr. Kelley was to be seen and heard, and I can only imagine the joy felt in that room on that day for a man, who less than a decade before had cured himself of this dreaded dis-ease – and should have had the world at his feet.

August 10, 2015

NOTE: The above has been adapted from page 166 of Dr. Kelley’s book, Victory Over Cancer: Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation ~ Editor

~ Continuum…

…and this story will NOT end…

On September 14, 2023 on my Thursday night broadcast of ‘To Health With You!‘ (a weekly chapter of The Edge of Darkness) I had planned on sharing the following interview with Dr. Kelley by a young doctor named Matt Janes – a pioneering health clinician, autonomic neuroscientist, nutritionist and author. Dr. Janes’ only error was, that he claimed that this was ‘The Only Interview‘! That is not the case, as we chose to publish a series of interviews of Kelley in his book, Victory Over Cancer: Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation.

In addition, I have numerous recordings of Kelley giving lectures in many locations throughout the country – and may  even still have an interview of the doctor done by David John Oates – a man who I knew many years ago that served on my panel discussions at various Health and Preparedness Expo’s around the Country.

As relates to the broadcast in question – I was planning on “taking the night off”, as the entirety of the following interview would have taken the full hour of the program, with little time for an opening introduction or my opening or closing music. So with these thoughts in mind – I could not sleep – as my brain kept turning – and THAT is when the answer came to me like an explosion… work with my producer Mike, and have him record the entire interview… I will do my normal opening – allow the portion of the interview run to a point where I must come back in with a closing statement (“With glass lifted on high, I say, ‘To Health With You!’…”) and fade to the closing music. Well… YOU are about to receive the gift.

Mike has taken the entire interview with Dr. Kelley – and inserted it between my opening and closing segments – hence the listener is able to listen to the complete program as melded together in the archives and you will be able to listen to the ENTIRE, unedited archival program right now…

William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S. ~ Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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~ The Interviewed ~
Aged 35, Dr. William Donald Kelley was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer with metastases into his liver, lungs and bones. He was given just a few weeks to live, yet he cured himself using a nutritional protocol and lived to age 79, forty four years after his terminal diagnosis.

In the fight against cancer, little attention is paid to nutrition. Instead, treatment is restricted to surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Had the work of three pioneering doctors not been overlooked by mainstream medicine, cancer treatment today would look very different and patients’ lives transformed.

Review the medical literature and you won’t find any cases of treating cancer which can match the extraordinary results of Dr. William Donald Kelley and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who built upon the pioneering discoveries of Dr. John Beard. ~ Dr. Matt Janes

LISTEN to Dr. Kelley describe elements of his nutritional program in this amazing broadcast Archive…

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