KEN’S CORNER: The Day JFK Told Israel ‘If You Want U.S. Aid, Shut Down Your Nuclear Bomb Factory’

April 5, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

Commentary by TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive

The mere mention of a direct Presidential threat to Israel at the time is enough of a statement to prove what Kennedy saw as a direct threat to peace in the Middle East and, in my opinion, was a threat to America itself. There was fear and concern by this sitting President that was ignored after his assassination.

Two hundred to four hundred Israeli nuclear weapons later, no signature on the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, direct threats of war against every neighboring Country, the takeover of sovereign lands of Israel’s neighboring Countries, direct and formidable attacks on neighboring Countries and directed threats against any Country that gets in Israel’s way is enough to know Kennedy was absolutely right. And, I believe that Israel had a role to play in his death and Robert Kennedy’s death, also.

The inevitable clash began in 1960, when the outgoing Eisenhower administration sought an explanation for the mysterious construction near Dimona. It was told that this top-secret activity in the middle of the desert was a harmless textile plant, and no, it could not come and visit. Classified spy photos were then published on the front page of The New York Times (yes, the CIA spied on the Jewish state, with or without forged passports).