“Kids Online Safety Act” is Yet Another Gay Internet Censorship and Spying Program

February 8, 2024 in News by RBN Staff


Source: DailyStormer.in


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Several Senate GOP homosexuals led by notable fag-hag Marsha Blackburn have come together with the Democrats to support the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) in order to mass censor the internet in an even more extreme way.

Last year, it was discovered that the Biden White House was engaged in mass social media censorship, demanding that Twitter and Facebook censor whatever they wanted censored. This year, it was revealed that the White House also targeted Amazon.

This would be a great place for the Republicans to stand up for freedom of speech. However, they have mostly ignored the issue, instead simply whining that it shouldn’t only be conservatives that are censored, claiming that these companies should also be censoring Democrats.

KOSA is ostensibly intended to prevent kids from committing suicide because of materials they see on social media. This week, a group of organizations that support the bill took out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal, calling on Chuck Schumer to bring the bill for a vote. According to Congress.gov, the bill currently has 46 co-sponsors in the Senate, including notorious GOP homos Josh Hawley and Lindsey Graham.

The “someone please think of the children” groups backing the bill are run by parents whose children killed themselves. The parents, instead of taking responsibility for their own kids, blame the internet for the deaths.

During last week’s Senate hearing with social media heads, sicko Hawley attacked Mark Zuckerberg, claiming that he should be reading every single private message sent on Facebook, and demanding money from him.

Hawley appeared to be menstruating, exhibiting extreme emotional volatility and unhingement as he lashed out at Zuckerberg. He was hyping up this bill, exploiting the most base emotional tripe.

Prominent fag-hag Marsha Blackburn introduced KOSA with the Jew Richard Blumenthal, initially claiming that it would censor materials turning kids into trannies. She later admitted that it would not prevent children from being turned into trannies, but continued promoting the censorship bill anyway.

The bill will enable state attorneys general to simply ban whatever they want from social media, claiming it is harmful to children. It is, far and beyond, the most extreme censorship bill ever introduced by the US government. Remember that the White House was acting illegally, without the approval of Congress or the courts, when they launched their mass censorship program. Biden’s people were doing this in secret, with implied threats against companies which refused to go along with their agenda. KOSA would institutionalize totally arbitrary judgements about banning material from social media. According to the bill, basically anything that can be claimed to “harm children” can be banned, and basically all content that exists can be construed as somehow harmful to children.

Along with mass censorship of all different kinds of content, the bill calls for an extensive age verification system that would, in theory, require everyone who uses the internet to submit proof of their age in order to access virtually any content. This would mean a massive national or even global database of everyone’s ID as everything they look at on the internet is tracked and recorded.

The bill is clearly unconstitutional, as the government has no right to censor social media like this, nor does it have the right to demanding everyone be spied on in order to use a communications network. However, this current Supreme Court has repeatedly endorsed things that are obviously unconstitutional, so there is no reason to believe they would overturn KOSA.

One would think that the Republicans would be taking a hard line in favor of freedom of speech, given the Democrat position against it, but as is the case with America’s foreign wars, we see widespread bipartisan agreement on censorship being a good thing.

The fact that Republicans are involved in this insane plan to mass censor the internet, as well as engage in extreme surveillance, shows that the Republican Party has no direction at all, and that Republican politicians have no interest in understanding what their voters want, and would instead rather manipulate them with stupid, babyish nonsense about protecting children from the internet.