Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

April 18, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

by Kathleen Marquardt

April 18, 2023

We’ve all known habitual liars. Once we realize that we can never know when they are lying and when they are telling the truth (sadly, there is no Pinocchio syndrome to indicate what state they are in), we can never trust anything they say again. It’s too bad that the “pants on fire” part is but a rhyme, otherwise, like the burning of Rome, our nation’s capital would have long burned down, considering the number of lying pols there.

Most of our politicians today – on both sides of the aisle – would be going through pants at an alarming rate.

I started this article, then watched a video of Senator Ted Cruz questioning Secretary of Homeland Security, Mayorkas, about the border crisis. Mayorkas seemed to not have either “yes” or “no” in his vocabulary. Thankfully, Senator Cruz wanted only yes or no answers and wasn’t about to put up with the obfuscations, fibs, falsehoods, fabrications, inventions, and other departures from the truth. While it was enjoyable to watch, it hurt my heart to watch a high federal official trying to LIE at a Senate Subcommittee hearing. And it’s even more saddening knowing that he represents the norm.

Today, I read that the “bank problem” is happening because of all of us peons who don’t trust the government are taking our cash out of the banks – causing them to fail. Liar, Liar. The Global Elite and the bankers created the “bank problem” ostensibly to introduce CBDCs to gain the final area of control on we the people.

We are told that the COVID vaxx[i] is the only thing that can save us from being killed by a rather mild flu. But the public is waking up (some are really mad because they awakened after the shot). Evil lies.

We are told that the World Health Organization (WHO) needs to take control over our lives if/when there is another pandemic (you know, the one they have scheduled for later this year, or next year if they find need for a delay). Right now, the WHO (under the auspices of the UN and Global Elite) are writing up the edicts that will, literally, give them power over most of the world’s population. They will be able to lock us down (even “up” in gulags/concentration camps, called fusion centers), force the “vaccine” and boosters on us, and control our medical care. (Ah, “care”. That word may no longer be used by awake people when speaking of what is going on in medical facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes.)

There are many pieces of legislation up now that are wolves demons in sheep’s clothing. One is the TikTok bill. (No, I don’t like TikTok, but this bill is a front to silence us – me, Tom DeWeese, Whitney Webb, Marc Morano, and so many more non-lying patriotic people speaking out, trying to save our nation by telling truths.) Those promoting it were brilliant to use TikTok as the bait – just as was the push for the Department of Homeland Security using 9/11. These politicians know the general public wants to be safe from horrors – real or imagined. Our children are being targeted in so many ways today and, if I didn’t know better, I’d think that our government created TikTok in order to have the excuse to ban free speech. The bill I am talking about is the Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology Act – the RESTRICT Act, S.686. Oh, and it is sponsored by 13 Republicans and 12 Democrats. Bipartisan. The Woke and the RINO-woke. Liars.

Then there are the Executive Orders from those with pants afire. No, you cannot find the mention of Executive Orders (EO) in the Constitution, but EOs have been used for decades to tear apart our republic. [ii] The Congressional Progressive Caucus is urging Biden to use executive orders to get around legislation (federal and state) that ticks them off – from expanding national access to abortion and federal funding to facilitate abortions, funding transportation to abortion cities. And they are pushing for slavery reparations (to those who have never been slaves), and numerous other equally unconstitutional things that are meant to bring down America.

Under the enormous lie of Climate Change, every area of our country and our very lives has been mutated and mandated and is being put under the control of non-elected technocrats. In an article, investigative journalist Whitney Webb, said “the smart city is meant to facilitate the development of cities ‘micromanaged by technocrats via an all-encompassing system of mass surveillance and a vast array of ‘internet of things’ devices that provide a constant and massive stream of data that is analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI).”[iii] All to keep track and control every aspect of our lives.

I am speaking of our governments, but let’s not be ignorant and think that global leaders do not have sway, often greater sway, than our politicians (they have the big bucks and are in bed with the pols on these issues and any others they dream up). Here is a quote from a German site: “Even the most prominent and influential disciple of Corona, Bill Gates, joins the ranks. He now said: ‘We made a terrible mistake. We wanted to protect people from a dangerous virus. But it turns out the virus is a lot less dangerous than we thought. And the vaccine is far more dangerous than anyone could have imagined. ‘Well, ‘someone’ might not have imagined that.” [iv]Gates has never been elected to any position, but he holds more sway that 99% of our “elected” officials (sorry, I must be honest and question most elections right now). And he is one telling us about the next pandemic coming soon – not in the next century.

One of the biggest lies ever told to man was Manmade Global Warming, now Climate Change. That is the pretext for almost every other lie out there today. As Marc Morano says in his book Green Fraud: ‘Man-Made Climate Change Is Not a Threat’ “Despite former vice president Al Gore’s 2019 claim that the threat from anthropogenic climate change is “beyond the consensus of 99 percent of the scientists,” the facts say otherwise. There is absolutely no scientific “consensus” about catastrophic man-made climate change. Claims that 97 or 99 percent of scientists agree are not backed up by any credible study or poll.

The lies our governments feed us are so far greater than many of us can imagine. It is sad that it has taken so long for so many to wake up. Tom and I have been the tinfoil-hat wearing nuts out there telling people that our world is coming to an end — if we don’t stand up and take it back. There were many people far earlier than we who were declaiming the truth. They, too, were laughed at, mocked, and derided, but they spoke out so that we might have the information that would otherwise be lost. Now, the Global Elite believe they are in the home run and cannot be stopped, so they don’t care. We are just useless eaters who will be eliminated soon.

The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. May the lion roar.