June 16, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff


By Jesse Lee Peterson | The Fallen State

Honest Talk With Rabbi About ‘Racism,’ Faith, Judaism and Christianity

FULL VIDEO Posted/Mirrored on Bitchute By The Freedom Ministry

Yet he has NO PROBLEM stating that Whites hate all Blacks and Jews… look, I understand RACISM and RACIALISM for what they are and not what the polarized Judaized lenses want you to beLIEve. I enjoyed listening to JLP (the black guy) discuss this topic honestly and I hope other blacks look to guys like him for their truths and facts about their reality in America today. My critique would be in him answering the Edomite Rabbi about “NAZI” Germany but he did an OK job ‘as it was’ and I really enjoyed what he had to say about blacks living under the Jim Crow laws in the South and how they were BETTER OFF than they are today under full blown Jewish Bolshevism in America with todays 2022 Weimar Republic!

He can admit that Whites hate …. well, everyone… but the JEW Edomite will not admit that he knows JEWS that hate Whites… uh uh… keep lying Rabbi

– The Freedom Ministry