“Major Measles Outbreak” Reported In US As Migrant Shelters Become Infectious Disease Breeding Grounds

March 13, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge


TUESDAY, MAR 12, 2024 – 09:40 PM

The radical progressives in the Biden administration are responsible for the greatest migrant invasion this nation has ever seen but also an emerging public health crisis, as millions of unvaccinated and undocumented illegals (some with infectious diseases) are being piled into migrant shelters nationwide like cattle.

Daily Mail reports the US is on the verge of a “major measles outbreak,” with cases in the first two months of the year nearly eclipsing those in the previous year.

” … as doctors warn many young physicians have never even seen a patient infected with the virus. Hundreds of people are already feared to be infected in California and Arizona after cases were confirmed in people in the states who visited local hospitals,” the media outlet said. 

It’s important to recognize that migrant shelters are becoming breeding grounds for the spread of infectious diseases. Notably, it’s the Democrats, often referred to as the ‘party of science,’ who are enabling this public health crisis to materialize while the pharma-industrial complex secretly cheers as the next crisis will need more vaccines.

Earlier on Tuesday, Elon Musk responded to Fox News’ Bill Melugin’s post on X. The billionaire said “!” in response to a CNN report that a measles outbreak in a Chicago migrant shelter is quickly worsening.

New data from the CDC shows 45 measles cases were recorded in the first two months across 17 states, nearly surpassing the 58 cases recorded in the full year of 2023.

Source: Daily Mail 

Besides corporate media blaming a low vaccination rate, maybe – just maybe – overcrowded shelters with migrants from third-world countries are the most likely root cause of the public health crisis. None of these migrants were screened at the border for contagious diseases – and were able to walk right over – some were even flown in on airplanes, and others were bussed into sanctuary cities by a shadowy network of taxpayer-funded governmental organizations. Besides future Democrat voters, you’ll never guess the reason why migrants were shipped in by the millions (that answer is found here: “Shadowy Network Of NGOs Supplies …”).

The open southern border is a major national security crisis that is quite literally a ticking time bomb about to go off. It’s also quickly morphing into a public health crisis.

Just wait until Democrats start pushing measles vaccines.

Or Stephen Colbert gets another advertising deal from big pharma.