June 24, 2018 in News, Video by D

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The illegal immigration issue is still alive and well, as LIberals, despite getting Trump to sign an executive order, are still complaining. Now they are saying his executive order is not enough. But if they wanted a detailed plan they should complain to the Democrats who won’t come forward and sign off on any republican backed immigration bills. But MSNBC was looking to do another guilt Americans for their bad policy piece when they ran into a snag. They accidentally interviewed an informed family that wasn’t sympathetic to their cause.

The interview takes place about 60 to 70 miles from the border where the Cage family claims illegals are constantly walking through their property. The Cage Family are Cattle Ranchers that are Pro-Trump. MSNBC Host Kerry Sanders had the honor of interviewing this informed family. The Cage’s gave the reporter something he wasn’t looking for honest answers.

Kerry: “When you see parents and children separated, why do you support a policy that, appears to be, to many people, heartless?”

Presnell Cage: “Well, it’s basically the laws of our land. Trump I believe is going in the right direction, this I think would be a deterrent to keep this from happening. If people would adhere to the laws of our land, there wouldn’t be a problem right now.”

Kerry switched over to the Mother Cage, Stephanie, hoping to get an answer that better fit the narrative. As you can see he was loading that question with plenty of cues to direct her answer.

Kerry: “Stephanie you are a mother, a grandmother of seven. How do you react when you see that the families are being split apart? We’ve heard what we believe to be the audio of children crying for their parents.”

Stephanie Cage: “Of course it is very upsetting, but I am as equally upset with the parents for exposing their children to the dangers of smuggling their children across the border.”

Kerry seeing that the interview was getting away from him, tried to appeal to their sympathetic side but they were not having it.

You can tell Kerry Sanders was not expecting that. He was counting on the ranchers to feel angry because that is what the MSM has been selling. If MSNBC would report like this more often it might even become watchable. This has to be the best interview I have seen from them in a while.