MTG reveals disturbing new details about “white slavery” ring Hunter Biden is linked to…

April 25, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene just finished reading over 2,000 pages of financial reports on the Biden family. The in depth report revealed a lot, including how the Biden’s received millions of dollars through LLC’s from Burisma and Ukraine. The ties the Biden’s have to Ukraine are strong and run very deep.

In addition to the Ukraine and Burisma LLC’s, there were also many others used to reportedly launder money from foreign countries and make payments to the “Big Guy” and other Biden family members. They had a well-oiled system running to keep the family funds flowing.

But one of the most curious LLC’s MTG learned about was called “Owasco.” This is the LLC that Hunter owned and what he used to pay his steady stream of prostitutes. Many of those prostitutes were actually from Russia and Ukraine, which doesn’t seem all that odd, until you discover the group Hunter booked his sex through was actually a white slavery ring.

Why isn’t Hunter in prison?

Marjorie says the report estimates there was approximately 28 customers paying sex slaves, and one of those “customers” was Hunter Biden, a crackhead who is reportedly “squatting” in the White House as we speak.

Again, why isn’t Hunter in prison?

As you know, Americans go to jail everyday in this country for much less—just look at the January 6th defendants, some are still rotting in jail for casually strolling through the Capitol with a police escort.

MTG concludes by explaining how the Biden family created an “international crime enterprise” that revolved around around Joe’s VP and Presidential positions, which means that our county has been completely and totally compromised. Here’s what she had to say:

Reading over 2,000 pages of financial reports in the Treasury about all the Biden family members receiving millions of dollars through LLC’s like Burisma from Ukraine and dozens of other LLC’s that were opened and closed to launder money from foreign countries and pay the Biden family members, I can’t help but wonder, as Americans pay their taxes, if any of them paid taxes on all the money they laundered?

Or what about the LLC called Owasco that Hunter owned and paid countless prostitutes, even from Russia and Ukraine, and the report states it was a human sex trafficking ring. The report estimates there were 28 customers paying the sex slaves.

Americans go to jail everyday in this country for much less, some even for walking in the Capital for a few minutes on J6.

It was and still is all much bigger and worse than people thought, but the most dangerous part is that the Biden’s have created a international crime enterprise around Joe Biden’s powerful VP and Presidential seats.

Which means our entire country is compromised because of Joe Biden and the Biden family crime syndicate.

If the GOP doesn’t seek to remove Biden from office over the findings in this report, then they’re as compromised as Joe is.

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