Murder They Wrought: Part II

January 4, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff




Murder They Wrought:  Part II

Paul Craig Roberts

It is murder to withhold a cure from people who are at risk of death if left untreated. The US and European medical establishment, with the aid of media and politicians, suppressed the cures for Covid-19. Almost all Covid deaths are the result of non-treatment with known cures.

As my readers know, from early days of the orchestrated “Covid pandemic” I stressed that there were two known cures, HCQ and Ivermectin, both inexpensive and in most countries available over the counter.  Ivermectin was discovered by a Japanese scientist for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize.  It has been in wide use for decades with no side effects.  HCQ is also effective, inexpensive, and widely used.  Both are taken regularly by populations in Africa as preventatives of river blindness and malaria.

Ivermectin is listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an Essential Medicine and is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Despite these facts, the WHO, FDA, NIH, CDC, and the European Medicine Agency (EMA) suppressed the use of these cures.

In other words, the principal governmental agencies entrusted with protecting public health denied the public treatments that would have removed all danger from Covid. In effect, the health agencies committed murder by suppressing medicines that work both as preventatives and as cures.

Why did they do this?  One reason clearly was to maximize the profits of the mRNA “vaccine” corporations.  Another, considering the extraordinary increase in excess deaths in all countries following the vaccination campaign, is population reduction.  Excess deaths clearly reduce the population, as does the infertility associated with the “vaccines.”

Even today when we have proof that the mRNA injections cause death, infertility, and serious injuries, the corrupt FDA has approved the vaccination of children and babies.  If population reduction is not the intended consequence of the deadly injections, why are the injections being given?  They are known to be ineffective against Covid and to have serious adverse health effects including death.

This article, “Ivermectin Is Safe and Effective: The Evidence,” available here:  provides Ivermectin’s history and the large number of peer-reviewed studies that establish Ivermectin’s safety and effectiveness.  What the author, Colleen Huber, does not seem to realize is that Ivermectin was not suppressed because of ignorance on the part of NIH, CDC, and FDA.  It was suppressed because otherwise the Covid vaccination program could not have occurred.  The mRNA “vaccines” bypassed the necessary testing and were authorized under Emergency Use.  The requirement for Emergency Use is that there are no known cures.  Therefore the American and European medical establishment suppressed the known cures.  Other parts of the world used the cures and had no Covid problem.

Consider the precedent that Biden, Fauci, the media, FDA, NIH, CDC, and EMA ,with the complicity of HMOs and corporate medicine, have established.  Millions of people have been murdered, injured, and made infertile by a public health campaign for which there is no accountability.

Be ready.  It will happen again. Indeed, it seems we are already being prepared–  How many times will it have to happen before people catch on that their lives are being sacrificed to the elite’s program of population reduction?


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