Narrative Collapse: Tucker Carlson Says Capitol Police Chief Admitted ‘Jan6 Crowd Was Filled With Feds’

July 12, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


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Source: Zero Hedge

Did the establishment’s Jan 6 ‘Insurrection’ narrative just go the way of Keyser Soze?

In his first public interview since being fired from Fox News, Tucker Carlson sat down with none other than Russell Brand (on Rumble).

He began by explaining why he chose to launch his show on Twitter:

“I’m not working for Elon Musk… what he’s done is offered me is what he’s offered every other user at Twitter which is a chance to broadcast your views without a gatekeeper”

The whole interview is fascinating, but one section in particular is key, when discussed the events of January 6th.

As a reminder, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had released 40,000 hours of video footage from the riot – which Carlson had begun airing on Fox News – much of which suggested a different narrative than the craven mob of killers the Democrats (and the media) have maintained was unleashed on the Capitol by Trump’s words and actions.

Admitting he was “appalled” by some of the events of that day, the former Fox News anchor said the reason he “got involved in commenting on it” was because “the lying about it was immediate: ‘This was a racist, white-supremacist insurrection.’”

“I interviewed the chief of the Capitol Police, Steven Sund, in an interview that was never aired on Fox, by the way — I was fired before it could air, I’m gonna interview him again,” Carlson said.

“But Steven Sund was the totally non-political, worked for Nancy Pelosi, I mean, this was not some right-wing activist. He was the chief of Capitol Police on January 6, and he said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that crowd was filled with federal agents.’ What? ‘Yes.’ Well he would know, of course, because he was in charge of security at the site.”

“So, the more time has passed… it becomes really obvious that core claims they made about January 6 were lies,” Carlson explained.

“The amount of lying around January 6, and it was obvious in the tapes that I showed, is really distressing.”

Watch the clip below:

Carlson’s comments fit with whistleblower and witness statements on the day.

As The Daily Caller reports, defendant Dominic Pezzola’s lawyer, Roger Roots, argued there were “at least 40” undercover informants at the riot. Roots alleged there were eight FBI human sources embedded among the Proud Boys on Jan. 6, along with 13 undercover plain-clothes DC Metro Police agents. FBI whistleblower George Hill alleged during a February interview with the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government that the field office in Washington may have had “undercover officers” and “confidential human sources” inside the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Carlson also discussed his views on Donald Trump:

“I think looking back on this ten years from now, assuming we’re still around, I think we’re going to see Trump’s emergence as the most significant thing that happened in American politics in 100 years, because he reoriented the Republican Party against the wishes of Republican leaders.”

“I’m struck by his foreign policy views. You know Trump is the only person with stature in the Republican Party really who is saying wait a second why are we sending an endless war in Ukraine. Leaving aside whether Trump is going to get the nomination or get elected President or would be a good President, I can’t even asses that, all I can at this point is I’m so grateful he has that position. He’s right and everyone in Washington is wrong, everyone. And Trump is right on that question and it’s a big question. That war is reshaping the world. It’s reshaping the economy of the world. It’s reshaping populations.

“Europe will never be the same because of this war and it really matters, and Trump alone among popular figures in both parties understands that and I’m grateful for that.”

“Whether he gets the nomination or gets elected, words really matter. Saying something true out loud matters, and he is saying true things about Ukraine and God bless him. That’s how I feel.”

Watch the full interview with Russell Brand below: