Neocon Washington Post Anti-Trump Jihad

September 6, 2016 in News by RBN Staff



By Stephen Lendman

  By now, Americans should be numb from outrageously one-sided anti-Trumpism compared to suppressing Hillary’s deplorable public record.

With two months before November’s election, things may get even uglier, media scoundrels perhaps intending an even greater push to get her anointed America’s next president.

The possibility should terrify everyone. Paul Craig Roberts calls her “certifiably insane.” For sure, she’s megalomaniacally driven, Roberts saying “she will take America to war with Russia – which means also China – and Iran.”

I share his justifiable fear, the risk of humanity-destroying war, Hillary comfortable about using nuclear weapons, our main survival threat.

A previous article discussed WaPo editors calling her “exceptional,” – a shameless perversion of truth. A follow-up editorial headlined “Donald Trump’s bet: We are all chumps,” asking:

“Will American voters allow themselves to be insulted, taken for granted and made fools of? Donald Trump seems to be betting…yes.”

WaPo editors lied, saying he “put forward virtually no serious policy proposals.” He discussed his proposed economic and foreign policy agenda in separate addresses, others on healthcare and immigration, providing detailed information.

In contrast, Hillary’s addresses consistently feature profoundly dishonest rhetoric, double-talk recitations without substance, suggesting her pure evil dark side – ignored by supportive media scoundrels.

WaPo editors asked “(h)as (Trump) really made as much money as he boasts? Has he paid taxes? Has he sheltered money in the Cayman Islands, done deals with Russian oligarchs? Who knows?”

At the same time, they suppress information on Hillary’s war crimes, involvement in toppling foreign leaders, rigging foreign elections, becoming super-rich along with husband Bill from their foundation racket masquerading as a charitable NGO – then stashing unknown millions of dollars at the Delaware-based Corporation Trust Center, a tax avoidance scheme kept from public view.

Media scoundrels like WaPo aware of their shenanigans ignore them, instead feature blatant anti-Trump partisanship. Saying Hillary released far more information than he did ignores what she and supportive media suppress – what’s most important for voters to know.

Claiming Trump “repeatedly lies” while campaigning suppresses how often Hillary was caught red-handed dissembling in public, to FBI investigators and before Congress – committing perjury warranting prosecution not forthcoming.

WaPo editors saying “Americans will have to answer” to alleged Trump lies in November ignore Hillary’s consistent lack of truth-telling – along with the unprecedented threat to world peace and security she’ll represent as US leader.

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