Netanyahu Threatens Jews and Arabs Alike

January 8, 2017 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

Title: Netanyahu Threatens Jews and Arabs Alike
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Published: Jan 8, 2017
Author: Stephen Lendman
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Netanyahu Threatens Jews and Arabs Alike

by Stephen Lendman

In March 2015, his Likud party won 30 of 120 Knesset seats, over three-fourths of Israelis supporting other parties.

With likeminded extremist coalition partners, he remained prime minister after an election he seemed likely to lose.

He exceeds Sharonian evil, a world class thug, menacing Jews and Arabs alike. A psychological profile of his behavioral traits called him egocentric, self-confident, aggressive, megalomaniacal, manipulative, narcissistic, untrustworthy, dishonest, suspicious, unreliable and socially withdrawn.

He made Israel more unfit to live in than any of his predecessors. Palestinians suffer under extreme occupation harshness. Wealthy and powerful Jews benefit at the expense of most others – enduring neoliberal exploitation like most Americans.

Budget cuts eroded Israel’s safety net, including housing, healthcare, education, employment and labor rights. Regressive taxes benefit business and wealthy elites, poor Israelis left increasingly on their own.

On Sunday, Haaretz reported Netanyahu’s “plot to take over the media,” stressing “an obsessive, paranoid prime minister (aiming for) full control over a weakened press that sings his praises.”

“I’ve taken care of the newspapers,” he said. “TV is next.” He wants unchallenged control, a media willing to overlook his transgressions, his extremism, excesses and ruthlessness while extolling him as a great leader.

According to Haaretz, he “moved to eliminate the new public broadcasting corporation that is designed to be free of meddling by politicians as it takes on Channels 2 and 10.”

Army Radio may be next. If successful in gaining media control, “he’ll gain an uncritical (source of support for his alleged) successes around the world.”

He aims to “batter Haaretz’s English edition, which he thinks damages Israel’s foreign relations.” He’ll pressure journalists critical of his policies to back off.

According to journalist Rino Tzror, “(h)is objective is to destroy the popular media outlets in Israel.” He uses Israel Hayom, Israel’s most widely distributed broadsheet, as a propaganda tool.

He got its senior columnist, Dan Margalit, prevented from writing daily for his critical articles. On Facebook, he said “(t)he commentators of His Master’s Voice support Benjamin Netanyahu uncritically on every issue.”

Channel 2 political reporter Udi Segal called Netanyahu the most pampered prime minister ever by Israel’s media. He serves as foreign and communications minister along with his prime ministerial capacity, a first in Israeli governance.

Along with his other aims, he wants control over the message Israelis receive – the hallmark of a fascist dictatorship.netanyahu-zionism