New Anti-War Think-Tank Declared Anti-Semitic

March 19, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: National Justice | Eric Striker

Republican Senator Tom Cotton has recently stated that opposing foreign wars is a form of bigotry against Jews.

This accusation was aimed at a new Washington think-tank, The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, which is dedicated to criticizing American military engagements abroad.

The Quincy Institute brings together a number of Realist and anti-interventionist academics. This organization has been received with suspicion in the anti-war community due to the fact that it is financed by neo-liberal plutocrats like the Kochs and George Soros.

Currently, the establishment foreign policy debate in Washington is composed of left-wing interventionists, who support attacking other countries on humanitarian grounds, and neo-con hawks, who want the same thing but in the name of national security. The hot potato of pointless aggression has been passed back and fourth between the administrations of Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama, and now Trump, which has culminated in directly and indirectly killing millions of innocent people, provoking mass destabilizing migration into Europe, and wasting trillions of dollars.

Record numbers of Americans in both parties have had enough. Even a majority of Republican voters now oppose these US military entanglements.

Several of the scholars employed by the think-tank have been openly critical of Israel and the Jewish lobby, including but not limited to John Mearsheimer, Lawrence Wilkerson, Paul Pillar, Chas Freeman, Eli Clifton, and the institute’s president Andrew J. Bacevich. Jewish control of US foreign policy is not a hateful conspiracy theory, it is widely accepted among experts who both support and oppose our nation’s wars for Israel.

The Quincy Institute looks great on paper, so what’s the catch and why are billionaire globalists funding it?

According to a statement by Bacevich, the Quincy Institute will be going out of its way to avoid talk of Israel or Jewish political money. This makes their endeavor pointless, as it does not discuss the mechanisms of how US foreign policy is formulated, and thus cannot effect it. This result is the corraling and muffling of the very scholars they are hiring for input, leading to controlled opposition.

Plutocracy has completely corrupted our government’s policies. In Washington, think-tanks providing intellectual rational for the GOP’s policies are predominately libertarian on culture and economics, while Israel-first on the geopolitical front, despite the fact that only 11% of Americans consider themselves to be Libertarians and an even smaller number think US troops should die for Israel’s Middle Eastern ambitions.

The large sums of money flushed into the coffers of these “experts” and pressure groups by high finance and corporate America gives them the power to unilaterally veto what the public consistently votes for and wants on foreign policy, immigration, social policy and economics, leading to the current crisis of representation.

The Quincy Institute is probably better than nothing, but it is also a reaction to rising popular anger. Koch and especially Soros, no stranger to international meddling and destabilization, are providing a safe steam valve for it.