New mayor expected to persecute pro-lifers

November 15, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: One News Now | Charlie Butts (

A pro-life group in North Carolina is expecting a hard battle as it seeks to continue its work outside a local abortion clinic.

In the November 7 mayoral election, voters in Charlotte replaced Jennifer Roberts with another liberal mayor, Vi Lyles. Lyles may be just as committed to abortion as the former mayor was. Roberts never approved of pro-life volunteers at abortion clinics.

As part of its local efforts, Cities4Life in Charlotte parks a mobile ultrasound unit in front of an abortion clinic to offer pregnant women free services. But ministry leaders fully expect Mayor-elect Lyles to press the city council to restrict their access.

Daniel Parks, who heads Cities4Life, said the unit is parked on a wide city street, and it creates no traffic problems (see video below). He is prepared to fight a legal battle related to parking of the ultrasound unit, as well as their freedom of speech.

“The liberal agenda [is] not really concerned about the women,” he explains, “and [it] most certainly [is] not concerned about the babies. But the liberal agenda is concerned about itself. And the radical pro-abortion agenda in Charlotte doesn’t want to lose any of those potential clients that we’re actually taking from them, by God’s grace.”

According to Parks, their measure of success is approximately 3,700 babies saved in Charlotte. At an estimated $300-$1,700 for each first-trimester abortion, that success has been costly for local abortion clinics.