NHS Slammed For Recording “Gender Identity” Of Newborn Babies

November 28, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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TUESDAY, NOV 28, 2023 – 04:00 AM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

The National Health Service in the UK has come under increased scrutiny after it rolled out a new £450 million IT system that only allows midwives to register the ‘gender identity’ of newborn babies, rather than their biological sex.

The Daily Mail reports that some midwives went public, complaining that the new EPIC computer system is forcing gender identities on newborns.

“The hospital discharge summary is an important document for the baby to receive the best care from the whole NHS team,” one midwife told the outlet, adding:

“We are talking about newborn and very young babies here. What on earth has gender identity as a concept got to do with them? It’s ludicrous.”

The midwife also claimed that there is now a “climate of fear” within the organisation and that midwives are also being ordered to use terms such as ‘birthing parent’ instead of ‘mother’ and ‘chest-feeding’ rather than ‘breast-feeding’.

Women’s rights campaigners have charged that the move is down to the influence of woke pro-transgender activists within the government run health service, yet NHS bosses have claimed there is a “system error” in the U.S. made technology, and the “unfortunate language” is being corrected.

Maya Forstater, of campaign group Sex Matters, commented “London hospitals registering babies by their gender identity is absurd and chilling, and a clear indicator of the extent to which transactivism has taken over the NHS.”

Jenny Gamble, professor of midwifery at Coventry University, added “Sex is not assigned at birth, that is delusional. A baby cannot have a gender identity, because it’s a baby. Gender identity is important later in life but it never erases the importance of sex.”

As these pictures from earlier this year reveal, the NHS website also includes queries about gender identity of newborns and children when parents register them with GP surgeries:

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