Oakland Mayor Raided By FBI Claims She Is Being Targeted By ‘Radical Right Wing Forces’

June 25, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge

TUESDAY, JUN 25, 2024 – 08:20 PM

Oakland, California Mayor Sheng Thao is well known for her woke activist policies; policies that have led to a severe spike in property crime (17%) and violent crime (21%) within the first year of her administration.  The problem has become so overwhelming that Thao and Alameda District Attorney Pamela Price are both facing potential recall.  One has to wonder if leftist politicians are so lax on criminal prosecution because they are engaging in the same kind of activities?

An FBI raid on Sheng Thao’s residence last week may help to answer this question.  Though she has not yet been arrested or charged, accusations indicate a corrupt web of illegal campaign finance and “pay to play” favors for special donors.  The investigation is allegedly focused on Thoa’s boyfriend, Andre Jones, as well as specific donors.

Also targeted in the raids were two other houses in the Oakland Hills and a business office along the city’s waterfront. All three are tied to Andy Duong and his father, David, who owns the Oakland-based company California Waste Solutions, the city’s curbside recycling provider.

Authorities claimed the Duongs spent years illegally funneling thousands of dollars using third-party entities to disguise political contributions and flout campaign-donation limits to several City Council candidates, including Thao.  In one instance, the Fair Political Practices Commission cited an internal email for Thao’s campaign in 2018 that laid out exactly how important the Duongs’ donations could be for political newcomers, such as herself.

In it, a staff member asked, “Have you spoke with Andy Duong about $20,000 by June 30th? let me know when I should follow up with him, please,” a complaint alleges.  Within a week, Thao’s campaign received 14 contributions — seven of which were believed to have come from Duong himself through his network of “straw donors,” the complaint alleges.

Campaign finance corruption and donations for favors aside, Mayor Thao’s dismal management of Oakland could also be considered a crime.  The criminal investigation is simply a reflection of a much deeper problem.  However, as we all know, leftists never admit fault they only double down.  In a surreal press conference replete with tears, Thao declared her innocence while hinting at an insidious conspiracy of unnamed ‘radical right wing forces’ determined to sabotage her activist reforms and maintain their power within the greater Oakland area.

So, now the radical right wing controls FBI investigations in Oakland, California?  Accusations of “lawfare” only make sense when the other side has control over the alphabet agency apparatus.  Thao seems to be confused about which party has the most influence over the FBI right now.

Thao asserted that the FBI raid never would have happened ‘if she was rich’ and that the agency should have given her a warning.  The FBI is not required to give any mayor a heads up about potential raids on their home or office. Thao’s communications chief has resigned in the wake of the investigation.

Her attorney, Tony Brass, has also parted ways with the mayor, noting that he was not informed of Thao’s press conference plans, nor did he advise her on interactions with the press.  Thao claims Brass did not leave and was instead “replaced.”  Brass stated that Thao is lying and that he received no communication from her about changing attorneys.