Obsolete Left-Right Paradigm Stifling Mass Awakening

April 16, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Source: The Sleuth Journal
By Bernie Suarez | March 23, 2015

left right paradigm

The March of Tyranny by Ben Garrison — Left Right Paradigm


We’re seeing it all the time now. Every day we see and hear well meaning people who sound educated, they’re trying to figure out what is happening politically here in the U.S. as well as abroad. Some of these people study history, they sound smart, they speak intelligently about things and even sound convincing. There seems to be something missing however, or perhaps something is present in their speech them that prevents you from taking in the fullness of what they are saying. You search for what it is and if you are fully awakened you are soon able to quantify what is wrong with these people.

These people who seem dead-on minus that one element that prevents you from thinking they truly get it are stung by a malady that many millions of Americans suffer from. It’s something most of us suffered from for many years before we became “awakened”. It’s that one single thing that when you recognized it, you were never the same again. This is the element still present in those (what I call) “almost awakened” individuals. It’s the distorted engineered political left-right paradigm in which they still operate under and this expired paradigm is literally stifling the mass awakening we could be seeing right now.

That’s right. Many conditioned Americans don’t even realize they live  in a totally artificial, contrived and now obsolete and stifling “Left versus Right” paradigm that is designed to sabotage any true understanding of life and is all but dying with the global awakening humanity is experiencing. These super smart “almost awakened” individuals will rant away attempting to explain world events, all the while blindly believing major parts of our artificial, staged, false flag history, and all the while they swallow the Kool Aid that could have easily otherwise set their minds totally free.

Instead, the CIA campaign to tag anyone that gets too far off the common belief boundaries as “conspiracy theorists” clearly bestows its powerful razor sharp mental censorship on these individuals. The threat of being called or considered a “conspiracy theorist” is so powerful that they have agreed and committed themselves to trying to solve all the problems of America and the world through the narrow scope of the left-right paradigm. That’s like being given a screw driver and then being asked to fix someone’s car engine with it.

Thus, these people instead of truly understanding what is going on, have preconditioned, super-narrow, scripted segments of “understanding” that are pushed off to the world as wisdom. These conditioned, left-right paradigm information pseudo-warriors thus try to solve every problem within the narrow out-dated context of their understanding of the world which consists of not only the left-right paradigm but on strong determined ideologies and beliefs such as:

1- America is the “good guys”
2- America must be the military leader of the free world.
3- America is about freedom and liberty
4- The world needs a strong nuclear America
5- Mainstream media may lie occasionally, but not my party’s (Left or Right) network.
6- My party (Republicans or Democrats) gets it. We’ve got solutions, as opposed to that other party (Republicans or Democrats)
7- If those stupid liberals (or Right wing nut jobs) could ever wake up, THEN we’d have a chance at being truly prosperous and successful at what we want to do. Damn Republicans (or Democrats) are holding us back!
8- Intrinsic belief in the government’s “official story” versions of JFK, 9/11, Middle East war on terror, ISIS, Al Qaeda and more. Holding these beliefs just to run as far away as possible from the “conspiracy theory” labels.
9- With the exception of some of that other party, those Democrats (or Republicans), America is a nation of honest politicians trying to make things work out.
10- All current failures are always the other party’s fault. Let’s be patient and when we vote in the next term, THEN our party will be here to save the day.

These are just some examples of beliefs that are naturally and instinctively generated by these ‘almost-awakened’ well meaning people operating on an out-date paradigm.

Sadly, I’m here to tell these people that chronically dwelling in the same old left-right paradigm is now almost a death sentence to reaching full understanding and getting to that point where you can start truly enjoying your life because of the deep and rich understanding you’ve reached. That’s right. When you truly understand the world around you far beyond the CIA mass mind-control and government propaganda scripted left-right paradigm, you will be truly mentally free.

I’ve written often about this mental freedom. It has to do with having your mental, spiritual, instinctual, and intuitive pulse on reality and the fundamental makeup of that reality. In other words you must truly understand where we’ve come from to understand where we are now. And you must truly understand where we are now to understand where we are going. It’s like the antithesis or the answer to author George Orwell’s famous quote in his novel 1984

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

If this phrase is true then in order to truly reverse this we must first truly understand our past in order to ultimately apply the solutions we need to change the future whose understanding comes from understanding the present.

Unfortunately for those intelligent, well meaning folks out there who spew knowledge and information and are close to the truth minus the fact that they are still living in the old synthetic left-right paradigm, this article is a call and a challenge to let go your ego first, let go your old paradigm and start anew. Look at the past again and see what you’ve missed.

Before you declare how great America is, study how America is also a country that has almost always been at war. America is a country who has military bases in almost every country in the world. Re-review your basic perception of the value of a human life. Think again and reconsider whether a nation whose own leaders have regretted what they had done (Wilson, Eisenhower etc), and whose own leaders who meant well or chose to stop or slow down this system of evil either were murdered for their beliefs or were nearly murdered for them (Kennedy, Reagan).

Look back and see how the course of American aggression on the world has not changed regardless of a Democratic or Republican president. Detach yourself from the fake ride once and for all. Stop denying that the evidence showing that almost every American war has been based on a false flag incident or that in every war millions of innocent civilians have been murdered, injured or displaced. Let go the old worn out left-right paradigm which serves as nothing more than a backdrop for more and more wars and aggressions. America has been drowning in phony rich mans wars for over a decade and the misery is endless. Do you really think continuing the synthetic left-right paradigm dance will ever change any of this?

Being stuck in the endless left-right paradigm is now a curse unto those who are missing out on the global human awakening that is undeniable, and cuts through consciousness like a hot sharp knife. So to those still struggling to make sense of this crazy world where everything seems wrong, everything seems unjust, corrupt, backwards, inexplicable, and surreal, I ask you to STOP. Stop punishing humanity by clinging on to your old paradigm of left versus right. Stop claiming that wars of aggression are just “humanitarian aid”. Stop overlooking presidential corruption just because YOU voted for your beloved candidate. Stop brushing corruption under the carpet just so you can see a female in the White House. Stop voting for someone because your family has ties to the person or because you like where they stand on one or two issues.

It’s all theater. It’s all a show being put on by those who want to control you and the rest of the world forever. That is why everyone else you know doesn’t even care about what is going on. That is why they are all glued to their TV set, their video games or their smart phones.

Finally, if you are going to attempt to take on the weight of the world, be involved in political debates while sharing information pretending to care about the world, please do the rest of us (awakened) folks who care about humanity a favor and dump the pathetic left-right paradigm. It’s an ugly burdensome weight around your neck and you don’t even realize it. It (the left-right paradigm of lies) is sabotaging your message and you don’t even realize it. But more importantly, it is sabotaging your understanding, your enlightenment, and your connection to the true spirit of humanity which is not grounded in politics. This true human enlightenment which many of us are experiencing is instead grounded on virtues like love for humanity, true compassion, a hatred for all wars, a hatred for propaganda, a deep understanding that ultimately the spirit of nationalism, while it can be healthy is more often used as a tool to deceive the masses and rally them for war.

True human enlightenment looks through all political propaganda and calls it out for what it is. True human enlightenment is consciousness and consciousness is rooted in awareness of ones life and connection to the world around you. This connection makes you want to nurture and love not kill and exact revenge, punishment, retribution, pay back, or imprisonment, torture, or execution to follow a written inhumane law.

True human enlightenment and consciousness has nothing to do with the left-right political paradigm that many well meaning Americans are stuck on, and as long as this is the case they will never truly wake up and they will always be partially awake, never having truly understood what the fight was all about.

Thus, the information warrior still dwelling in the left-right paradigm will ultimately have wasted their lives, risking it all for nothing of value. Fighting for a perceived empty physical meaningless flag, a nationalism cloaked in deception and innocent blood, a cause with no real human value that translates into connection with the rest of nature. This empty fight for war, nationalism and politics is thus not only an empty, false, unfulfilling circular path, this is one fight that the rest of nature, the energy that flows through the birds, the animals, the flowers, the ocean and the rest of humanity will never take part in. Thus this empty meaningless, political based left-right paradigm is selfish, self-destructing, lifeless and a dead end road.