Only Fools, Cowards, and Duped Obey the Blood-Sucking Fake Government

May 2, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  needtoknownews

By Andrew Wallace

May 2, 2023

Note: I am advocating that people refuse to obey orders from the unlawful and unconstitutional fake government that I call the Blood-Sucking Machine (Machine).

 I am certainly not advocating any negative actions against the little portion of lawful Constitutional Government that still exists.

For the benefit of new readers, I am restating the following:

1- The Blood-Sucking Machine (Machine) was unlawfully constructed by our Enemies, the Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class, wealthy families and their Communist minions in ‘woke’ corporations and government. The unlawful fake government consists of the following unlawful fake departments, agencies, and their employees, etc:

2- Departments of Labor, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Education, Energy, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and the worst of all, the Federal Reserve Bank.

3- All legitimate federal government “actions and expenditures” are limited by the Enumerated Powers under Article 1 Section 8.

4- All “actions and expenditures” by the fake departments of the Blood-Sucking Machine (Machine) are unlawful and unconstitutional, and should be ignored.

The most serious crime is using these fake departments to unlawfully transfer tax money from those who work to support communist programs and agendas in the cities for the benefit of the mostly-indolent voters!

In simple terms, only Fools, Cowards and the Duped  will support a Machine (fake government) that is impoverishing them as they are walking them down the path to abject slavery and total control.

Thomas Jefferson made this statement that applies to our world even more today: “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

How can people suffer every imaginable ignominy and continue to support the Machine (fake government) that is destroying them and their culture?

Lenin referred to them as “Useful Idiots” for supporting their own enslavement through the  “benefits” of Communism.

I am not asking you to take up arms, but I am asking you to ignore unconstitutional orders from that part of the ruling establishment that is fake, The Machine.

The corrupt FBI won’t like it, but they can go pound sand. It is time that you showed your balls, for I am going to tell you some of the consequences if you don’t.

Based upon what I read (and I read a lot!), it is the consensus of most serious Economists that the Economy is collapsing and MUST TOTALLY COLLAPSE in the near future, and the government is powerless to stop it. The following unlawful and unconstitutional government actions are some of the cause:

Open Borders, Green-energy scam, Climate Scam, Printing Fiat Money (Unconstitutional money rather than gold and silver), Destroying the Oil Industry, Paying able-bodied not to work, Ukraine false Flag, Financing wars to profit the Military Industrial Complex, Democrat cities being destroyed, Usurped State powers concentrated in DC, Electric Vehicle scam, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Reminder: On March 11, 2023, I wrote “All media and government reports on Ukraine are damn lies”.

This has now been totally substantiated with the arrest of Airman Jack Teixeira for releasing classified documents reporting that Ukraine is losing and that NATO troops are fighting on the front lines. Teixeira exposed the truth proving that our government and pentagon officials are bald-faced serial liars, and for that they will hang Airman Teixeira!

I know that most people want to be left alone and do nothing, but that is not a viable option.

You must quickly stand up now and repudiate the Machine (fake government, not the legitimate government!). There is no way that this is a violation of the law, unless you resort to violence or destruction. Put pressure on your governor to use his power to kick the Machine out of your state. Contact your members of Congress and demand that they terminate the Unconstitutional Departments and Agencies that comprise The Machine.

Urgency is required because The Machine is rapidly destroying our economy, our country, and our God-given Rights to a point of no return!

Those who do nothing are de facto supporters of the Machine (fake government). There is no free lunch. History indicates that their situation could be similar to the tens of thousands who remained loyal to King George during and after the Revolutionary war; it was not pretty.

God Bless Our Constitutional Republic