Open Letter To Steven Spielberg And 16 Hollywood Celebrities

January 24, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



Source: State of the Nation

By Walter Gelles

The following letter was e-mailed to Steven Spielberg and 16 other Hollywood celebrities who were included in my scathing satire, “Hollywood Celebs Meet World’s Top Doctors And Scientists At COVID Symposium” (

Besides Spielberg, the other celebrities who were sent this “Open Letter” are: Harrison Ford, Sean Penn, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Jennifer Aniston, Nicolas Cage, Dolly Parton, Steve Martin, Nicole Kidman, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Jack Black, Mark Ruffalo, Martha Stewart.  The Hollywood community has been deployed by The Powers That Be to coax people into getting the COVID-19 genetic-modification treatments (“vaccines”) by promoting the Big Lie that these “vaccines” are safe and effective.

In most cases, I wrote to their agent, manager, publicist, production company, foundation, or some combination thereof and asked them to forward this urgent health-related message.  Feel free to use this “Open Letter” or any part of it in contacting any VIP.  You have full permission to adapt, copy, or plagiarize any part of this “Open Letter”, without attribution, when writing to corporate CEOs and top managers, the editorial staffs of establishment newspapers and magazines, TV stations, the entire staffs of liberal/progressive magazines and websites, publishers, publicists, news syndicates, Hollywood actors, agents, and others.

You can find a lot of their emails and names at or  Some of this directory’s sections are updated through 2022, other sections need updating, but I’ve found the email addresses to be accurate 90% of the time.  You can also contact most U.S. Senators, Representatives, and Governors by sending free faxes (up to 5 per day) through; all their names and fax numbers are conveniently provided. is a much better search engine than Google when looking for contact information or anything plandemic-related.

All these people should be deluged with truth-bombs every day.  Those who realize they made a big mistake by getting the jab may still remain silent for fear of ostracism by their brainwashed colleagues.  But it’s necessary to try to reach as many of the Covidian Cultists as possible.  Maybe one of them will crack, discover their conscience, and speak out.

Dear Mr. Spielberg:

The recent article, “Hollywood Celebs Meet World’s Top Doctors And Scientists at COVID Symposium,” should be of great interest to you (  This devastating satire refutes the Official Narrative that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and helping society.  It presents overwhelming and indisputable evidence that these genetic-manipulation treatments, misleadingly labeled “vaccines” (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, etc.), have killed, paralyzed, crippled, and severely damaged millions of people in the U.S. and around the world, including countless children.

Tens of thousands—no, hundreds of thousands—of respected physicians, immunologists, respiratory specialists, molecular geneticists, virologists, epidemiologists, public health officials, and vaccinologists have called for the immediate withdrawal of these harmful and often lethal products.  The Mainstream Media calls them “conspiracy theorists” or “right-wing doctors” or “fringe doctors spreading misinformation.”  In fact, these professionals—with distinguished medical careers of 20, 30, 40 years, many with prestigious awards including Nobel Prizes—are MAINSTREAM doctors and scientists who have risked their careers, positions, grants, and lives to tell the truth and alert the public to what is going on.

But since their findings contradict the Official Narrative, they have been censored, de-platformed from social media, and turned into non-persons.

People who willingly got injected with the COVID-19 Genetic Cell-Disruptor Biologic Agents (“vaccines”) were tricked by what surely must be the most evil and thoroughgoing propaganda/censorship campaign in history.  These so-called “vaccines” cause blood clots and micro-clots, inflammation of heart, lung, and brain; they damage the vascular system (blood vessels + lymph vessels) and irreversibly weaken the immune system, leaving the vaccinated person open to many diseases including cancer.  The nanoparticles in the lipid hydrogel surrounding the synthetic mRNA fragments (Pfizer and Moderna shots) cross the blood-brain barrier, which can lead to paralysis, neurological disorders, uncontrollable convulsions and tremors, spinal damage, and permanent vision loss including blindness.  All these “side effects” have been reported on CDC/VAERS (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System).

The latest data from CDC/VAERS  indicates: 21,002 vaccine-induced deaths, 1,000,227 adverse reactions, 110,609 hospitalizations, 3435 miscarriages, and 35,650 people permanently disabled from the Covid vaccines.

VAERS, a passive reporting system, registers “fewer than 1% of deaths and adverse reactions” according to a US Department of Health and Human Services/Harvard Medical School study.  Do the math.  We’re talking about potentially 2.1 million Americans killed directly by the COVID-19 vaccines and 3,565,000 permanently disabled.  Even if you assume that VAERS “only” underreports by 10%, the numbers are staggering.

Now add to this carnage the fact that: (1) the U.S. medical licensing board has warned all doctors that they face revocation of their license if they report any adverse vaccine events to VAERS;  (2) Nurses are likewise under intense pressure to keep their mouths shut about vaccine deaths and injuries;  (3) VAERS has a deliberate backlog of 3-4 months at any time; and (4) VAERS regularly scrubs data that would put Big Pharma in a bad light.

Therefore, 2.1 million Americans killed by the COVID-19 vaccines is probably a gross underestimate.

And the equivalent vaccine adverse-events reporting system for the UK and the European Union are recording exactly the same results.  It’s a genocide. 

The authorities know this, but they are keeping the covid panic going for as long as possible, so that the pharmaceutical giants can rake in trillions of dollars more, while governments everywhere assume police-state powers under the guise of a medical emergency.

There is no emergency.  The putative SARS-CoV-2 virus (never isolated or proven to exist) has an infection fatality rate considerably lower than the seasonal flu. (“The Prevailing Corona Nonsense Narrative, Debunked in 10 or 26 Minutes.” Dr. Thomas Binder, M.D., Doctors For COVID Ethics;  “UK Parliament: Coronavirus: Death—Question for Department of Health and Social Care, UIN 31381, tabled on 12 July 2021”  

In other words, COVID-19, whether lab-made or not, is an ordinary respiratory virus that poses no existential threat to society.  There was definitely no need for lockdowns, masks, or dangerous experimental genetic vaccines thrust upon an ignorant and badly misinformed public through media fear-mongering.  There are now over 1,000 studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals that have concluded the vaccines are dangerous.

Please note, the estimates of infection fatality rate (confirmed by many independent analysts) accept at face value the mountain of JUNK DATA generated by the fraudulent RT-PCR test. The PCR test is incapable of diagnosing any disease, as Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Dr. Kary Mullis—inventor of the PCR technique—emphasized.  He was strongly opposed to the PCR test’s blatant misuse to diagnose any illness, and he vowed to expose the corrupt, criminal Dr. Anthony Fauci.  But Dr. Mullis conveniently died shortly before the “pandemic” was announced.

The PCR test is ramped up to 30 cycles or above, so that it generates false-positives up to 97% of the time.  The test was heavily funded and promoted by Bill Gates through his support of a shady German virology research group.  That group’s shoddy study in support of the PCR test was found to be riddled with basic errors.  But Gates’s partner-in-crime, the former Ethiopian terrorist Tedros Ghebreyesus who heads the World Health Organization, proclaimed the fraudulent PCR test as the “gold standard for COVID-19 diagnosis” in January 2020.  Gates controls and owns the WHO through his billions of dollars in donations.  Exactly one year later, WHO quietly admitted the test is worthless and advised everyone in the world to get retested (!)

That is your pandemic, or plandemic.  Oh, and the CDC has also admitted that the PCR test can’t differentiate between COVID-19, the common cold, the seasonal flu, or some bacterial infection you might have had six years ago.  On December 31, 2021 the CDC and FDA withdrew approval of the bogus PCR test, which created (and still creates) the avalanche of JUNK DATA that the TV news regurgitates to create fear and the illusion of a pandemic.

In the most recent clinical trial for a coronavirus vaccine, all the ferrets died; some got very sick and had to be put to death.  When the animals were exposed to the same virus or a variant in the wild a few months after getting vaxxed, they developed a hyper-inflammatory autoimmune reaction which liquefied their innards and killed them.  Will the same thing happen to the “human guinea pigs” who got the Covid jab?  No one knows for sure, because the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers halted the animal testing after just 58 days, making the tests meaningless.  They knew full well what would happen if the animal tests were allowed to continue.

But autopsy studies of vaccinated individuals and other evidence indicates that Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (the autoimmune overreaction that killed nearly all the ferrets, mice, cats, monkeys, etc.) does indeed occur in jabbed humans.

The prospect is not good.  All these “vaccines” should be pulled off the market immediately.

Many countries around the world have successfully treated coronavirus illness, including COVID-19, with a variety of inexpensive remedies, both curative and preventive.  There was never any need for the lockdowns, the absurd social distancing and useless disease-causing masks, or the harmful, often deadly “vaccines”.

Listed below are some further materials to help you in your quest to discover the truth about the scamdemic and the unapproved COVID-19 genetic-manipulation biologic agents (“vaccines”), which Dr. Vernon Coleman, beloved best-selling British medical authority, has aptly described as “the most lethal medical product in history.”

I hope you will share this information with friends, family, and members of the Hollywood community.  Then join together in a united chorus of many voices to protest this outrage and put a halt to it swiftly, before it destroys the American people and especially the children.


Walter Gelles