OPERATION TORCH TEXAS: Panhandle residents need to be warned before it’s too late!

March 7, 2024 in News by RBN Staff


Source: StateOfTheNation.co


This Manmade Conflagration Will Only
Get Bigger Before Austin Either Cries
Uncle Or Exposes This Transparent
NWO Black Op And Psyop

“Just like Maui, these Texas Panhandle firestorms are being
purposefully started as yet another stealthy scheme of coercive
pyro-terrorism after 
the Panhandle was furtively geoengineered
over several years into a tinderbox.  This highly dramatic black
op / psyop is especially being used as a warning to the other 49
states not to even think about crossing the Federal Government
like Gov. Abbott just did at Eagle Pass.”

— Veteran Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer




State of the Nation

Here’s what it looks like in North Texas after the Gladio-trained
arsonists have manufactured one firestorm after another in the
wake of geoengineered heat waves and grueling droughts.

Amarillo, Texas is being MAUIed
in real time as the largest
‘wildfire’ fire in Texas history,
and second biggest wildfire in
US history, just exploded out of
nowhere, but also everywhere
throughout the Panhandle.
Here’s why.

The following video presentation lays bare the back story of this NWO manmade conflagration, which is eerily similar to the LAHAINA INFERNO, MAUI MASSACRE and HAWAIIAN HOLOCAUST carried out on August 8, 2023.

However, this immense arsonist-triggered wildfire raging throughout the Texas Panhandle makes Lahaina look like a boy scout campfire as seen in the preceding photos.


As of today, Friday, March 1, this largest Texas wildfire ever is only 3% contained—BY DESIGN as seen in the map below.  Already this geoengineered inferno is the third largest wildfire in North American history.

Which begs the question: Why always Texas?

Well, not only did Gov. Greg Abbott’s government seriously challenge the treasonous Biden administration over the fastidiously orchestrated border crisis at Eagle Pass, the Texas state government is clearly setting itself up for secession when the US Corporation goes belly up.

Texas has already opened the nation’s first state-run gold depository, which will eventually serve as foundation for a future state-chartered bank designed to carry out the functions of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas when that institution goes bankrupt.

Texas opened the nation’s first state-run gold depository.

Geoengineering + Pyro-terrorism

The magic formula used by the New World Order globalist cabal is always the same where it concerns the use of their powerful geoweapons and pyro-weapons of mass destruction.

First, the geoegineers methodically manufacture one heat wave after another, one drought after another; then they commence with their series of acts of pyro-terrorism as we see all over the Texas Panhandle today.

Exactly how are the geoengineers fabricating an extremely conducive environment throughout the state of Texas to both trigger and inflame these enormous and fast-moving firestorms? This is how:

Spraying Atmospheric Aluminum as a
Fire Accelerant via Chemtrails,
Conveying HAARP Frequencies,
Weaponized SMART Meters,
Specific EMFs Disseminated from
Cellphone and Microwave Towers,
Localized 5G EMPs,
Directed Energy Weapons Fired from
Drones, Helicopters, Small Aircraft & 
Arsonists Disguised as Firefighters,
Fire-starting Incendiary Devices,
Gross Mismanagement of Texas Forests,
Deliberately Overloaded Power Lines,
as well as Other Arson Techniques,
Geoengineering Technologies and
Weather Modification Programs

To be continued with major updates —

State of the Nation
March 1, 2024


 (further collapsing the Middle Class)


Did Biden just tell everyone about the directed energy weapons used to burn down the Texas Panhandle?


NWO Globalist Cabal Successful At Destroying Vast Swaths Of Texas Cattle Country Via Arson-Triggered Wildfires To….


PRAYER WORKS! Heaven’s Snowstorm Saves Texas Nuclear Base from Wildfife Flames (Video)


Nuclear Terrorism angle:


But there is something very disturbing in this, that as far as I can tell, has not been mentioned in any of the media coverage of the story, and it is strongly suggested by the following screenshot from the article:

Now why is that screenshot and the implied affected area of the fires significant? While there are hundreds if not thousands of affected farmers and ranchers, not to mention the population center of Amarillo which this author has been through on many occasions on interstate 40, there’s something else in that region, in fact, to the north of Amarillo, very close to the area shown on the image with the flame coming up from the affected region, and that something is well-known to the Texans in the area…

…the Pantex plant.

If you don’t know what the Pantex plant is, it is an assembly (and disassembly) plant for the U.S.A.’s nuclear weapons. (Q.v. Pantex plant )

In other words, the plant forms a crucial component in the logistical support infrastructure for the manufacture of nuclear weapons (and, incidentlly, for their retirement).

This unpleasant fact must be factored into any high octane speculative scenario of why the wildfires in the Texas panhandle were started. It raises the stakes considerably that the fires were deliberately started. But by whom, and why? If Texas were to secede from the dysfunctional Union, the Pantex facility would give the state a jump start towards a nuclear deterrent of its own. It would be similar to the arsenals in Alabama and Virginia that fell under the control of the Confederacy during the southern secession of 1861. Are the fires therefore a “safeguard preventative measure” to create an “accident” or “act of nature” to deprive the state of that possibility, and is the blame therefore to be ascribed to domestic players? Or are the fires a warning, or a strike, to denude the state from that potential acquisition? Are the players behind the move international(ist) in nature? Have they taken measure of the state and concluded that at this  juncture a separation is inevitable, and is the strike preventative against that possibility?  Or is the concern not Texas at all, but the USA and the nutty people running it? As they increasingly notch up war hysteria with Russia including talk of nuclear weapons, what if, at the last minute, you don’t have any nuclear weapons to put on those drones, because the plant making them is closed “on account of an emergency”?  Or is the goal simply to burn down the plant and loft contaminating radioactive materials into the soil and air, a possibility given Mr. Globalooney’s other genocidal projects (remember the quackcines)?

The point of my high octane speculations by now should be clear: the nearby presence of the Pantex plant makes a strong case for the argument that these fires are not accidental, and that their are much deeper agendas possibly in play, because I for one simply cannot wrap my mind around the idea of “coincidence” in this case. We have abundant evidence that the “leadership” class of the west a criminally and murderously insane. It’s as simple as that.
(SOURCE: https://gizadeathstar.com/2024/03/is-paris-er-texas-burning/)


Oh, and by the way, north Texas wildfire season has never started in February. Lots of other very odd and inexplicable aspects to these geoengineered firestorms. (Video)