PfizerGate: Government reports prove COVID Vaccination decimates the Immune System

October 24, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: The Exposé



They told you they needed just three weeks to flatten the curve.

They lied.

They told you if you stayed at home that it would protect the Health Service.

They lied. (Source)

They told you millions around the world were dying of Covid-19.

They lied. (Source)

They told you that if you got the Covid vaccine, you wouldn’t catch Covid-19.

They lied. (Source)

Then you were told the Covid vaccines make you less likely to be infected with or transmit Covid-19.

The lied. (Source)

They told you that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective.

They lied. (Source)

They told you that the contents of the Covid vaccines stay at the injection site.

They lied. (Source)

They told you that the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines do not interfere with your DNA.

They lied. (Source)

Now they’re trying to tell you that the Covid-19 vaccines lose effectiveness over time and that you need repeat booster shots.

But they are lying yet again. The Covid-19 vaccines do not lose effectiveness. Instead, we are witnessing the degradation of the immune system of most people who have had more than one dose of the Covid-19 injection. In other words, the Covid-19 injections cause a new form of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. and we can prove it…