Pornographic Books for Kids Spark School Board War

December 16, 2017 in News by D

  By: Alex Newman
Published : December 15, 2017


A series of wildly inappropriate books forced on school children in California turned into a war between concerned parents who want to be notified, on one side, and tax-funded proponents of sexualizing children without parental consent on the other. While outraged parents won a minor (and temporary) victory in this particular case, similar battles are being fought across America — and, eventually, parents are going to lose.

Last month, Conejo Valley Unified School District Board meeting became a battlefield. Parents and certain school board members realized that, without so much as parental notification, children were being exposed to unimaginable perversion and pornographic filth under the guise of teaching “literature.” They were able to get a policy adopted requiring parental notification for books with pornographic content.

The books being peddled to children in California (and across America) include, for example, claims that everybody masturbates and that God would approve, along with graphic scenes involving fornication and perversion, among other highly inappropriate matters. Even under the new policy, some of the filthy books are not even labeled in a way that would trigger parental notification.

And yet, when parents and members of the school board objected and suggested that parents should be notified and given the opportunity to opt out their children, those seeking to sexualize captive children exploded. Indeed, critics of the proposed policy libeled parents as religious fundamentalists, white supremacists, and more, according to reports. They also carried signs of “let teachers teach,” as if there were some inalienable right to shatter children’s innocence and fill their heads with raunchy sex.

Concerned parents were also accused of trying to “censor” books — something that is especially ironic considering that, as The Newman Report documented recently, the state of California recently decided to ban history textbooks that do not promote the LGBT narrative. Indeed, even textbooks that refuse to defy the evidence and label historical figures as homosexuals at the behest of LGBT activists have been banned.

The real issues at stake, though, go far beyond whether children will be exposed to pornographic material in government schools without so much as parental notification. The broader issues include, for instance, “who ‘owns’ the children and determines what they will be taught: the parents, or government schools’ faculty and administration?” explained columnist George Miller in an editorial for the local Citizens Journal in Ventura County.

Even considering the fact that government data shows most children in California’s government schools cannot read at a proficient level, it is little consolation to know that those fortunate few who can read properly will be exposed to filth and perversion aimed at undermining moral values. Parents who truly hope to protect their children from the insanity must opt out of the system entirely, as more than one fourth of those in the Conejo Valley have already done.