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October 8, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


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To All New Zealanders,  URGENT




I would have thought, since it appears, not only I am the ONLY PERSON IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY AS FAR AS I”M AWARE REVEALING THIS INFORMATION, (and am not even a farmer at all) at least after my provocative email last week about the massive farmer protest against AGENDA 21 in The Netherlands (censored by the corrupt news media in NZ) which the largely Communist/Socialist NZ Government is attempting to implement here as well at the same time –  that I would have at least got some meaningful comment back. But no. Apart from three short replies,I received no others apart from one person who told me by phone he doubted if it would ever happen and after re-emailing it to his dairy farmer friends, who were unimpressed, probably didn’t even pass it on to other farmers at all.


Now while all this was going on, the Communist Dutch Prime Minister,  Mark Rutte, was flying to New Zealand with a Climate Change delegation to have behind the scenes secret meetings with Prime Minister Ardern – and participate in a YouTube Livestream event held at Auckland University this afternoon 4.45-6 pm, 8 October 2019 – organised by the Embassy of the Netherlands in New Zealand, Victoria University of Wellington (where the NZ branch of the Fabian Society is located) called Prime Ministers in Conversation: Climate Change in Transition livestream.  Here is the recording:


Prime Ministers in Conversation: Climate Change in Transition


1) Do note that our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that she wants ‘New Zealand to be first country in the world to have all farmers to be carbon neutral.’ Do you know what this socialist double-speak actually means? It means the ABOLITION OF ALL PASTORAL FARMING!

2) Do note that she says she wants our farmers to be the first in the world to administer METHANE VACCINES to all stock – yes you guessed it – to stop them farting and causing global warming and climate change. Do you really believe this hogwash??? Do you?

3) Note that Dutch PM Mark Rutte also adds he wants to see a Dutch company that has developed a cow food supplement to reduce cow methane emissions by 30 per cent approved by the government here also. What insanity is coming next? Are farmers going to be required to fit all cows with disposable diapers?

4) Note that PM Jacinda Ardern says that the biggest target they are radically attacking is “methane emissions” and irrespective of what the opposition says, they are going to introduce a FARM BY FARM monitoring system and pass the legislation anyway.




One of the most remarkable things you experience when you study and speak up as a whistle-blower about a subject or issue is that you attract other unique individuals who feel they have something to contribute, who you would not normally meet if you kept quite or remained ignorant.


Well, I was having a cup of coffee at a cafe in Tauranga yesterday talking to a business couple about Agenda 21 and the current environmental proposals to destroy our farmers at present, which was worth while, but unfortunately it didn’t last long as they had to leave for a doctor’s appointment. When they left, there was another lady and her husband sitting next to me at the opposite table, when she said,; “We don’t wish to be rude, but we overheard your conversation and I am very interested in what you have to say. You may find this hard to believe, but I am one of the 14 councillors on the WAIKATO REGIONAL COUNCIL/ ENVIRONMENT WAIKATO board!


Incredibly, very briefly, this is what she remarkably told me: She said she and her husband were middle left socialist, but we are not so extreme that we recognise if too stringent regulations are made that businesses and farms are forced to close down that is no good for anybody. She said she was not standing for re-election again because a radical left-wing faction were now running the councils, particularly the Waikato Regional Council, and that if you are a ‘moderate’ they make your life hell and very uncomfortable, so I have had enough and am calling it quits.


She continued, “ Actually, things are much worse than even you probably are aware. Currently the penalties for environmental offences are for a private individual up to $200,000 fine for each offense plus $10,000 per every day it continues and up to 2 years jail. For companies, trusts and corporations it is up to $600,000 fine plus $10,000 per day for each day the offence continues. Now behind the scenes they want to radically increase the fines more closely with fisheries offences where the Minister has the power to confiscate your gear, boat and car and anything else used in the process of committing the offence. Accordingly, they want to be able to CONFISCATE the farmer’s land and farm if he commits any environmental offence! She said they are not sure whether they can get away with it in the new legislation, but their medium term goal is to make all environmental offences equal to drug dealers or murder.” I told her I didn’t know they specifically were planning this, but was not surprised as this is one of the first goals of Communism/Marxism/Fascism – confiscation and abolition of all private property.




Right now the New Zealand Government Ministry of Environment officially are holding public meetings around the whole country to present to farmers an introduction of radical anti-water-pollution proposals (taken straight from United Nations AGENDA 21 – but they are too devious to ever mention it) in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY AS THE NETHERLANDS GOVERNMENT UNDER PM MARK RUTTE is currently doing as well. Yet not a word mentioned about it at the meeting here today this afternoon! Oh yes, the lying devil knows all about it you can be sure, and so does the NZ PM Jacinda Ardern.


Yet in Holland, there is a national farmer uprising against these same radical destructive proposals, in fact, incorporating some of the biggest protests in Holland’s history. Yet all this HAS BEEN CAREFULLY CENSORED BY THE NEW ZEALAND MAINSTREAM CORRUPT MEDIA. What a national disgrace!


But much worse, there is barely a single NZ farmer, if not for myself (at least it appears to me), who is even aware this is happening or for that matter has even heard of AGENDA 21. What a pack of degenerate block-heads! And what is even more shameful, while I am trying to wake these apathetic wool-blind sheepish fools up who are being blatantly led to the slaughter by our Communist Prime Minister – and I’m not even a farmer!!! Shame on all you farmers!




Just for those who haven’t seen my previous emails. Here is a YouTube clip of the massive farmer protest in the Netherlands last week: “Amazing Farmer Protest Netherlands”


Here is what the Dutch farmers have planned for next week and into the future. The demonstration could even be much bigger that the one last week because it is not only going to involve tractors, but also passenger cars, buses and trucks as well. “Dutch farmers announce new protest ‘somewhere in Randstad’ next week”


All this in Holland, and yet, hardly a peep of complaint from New Zealand farmers and the NZ agricultural community – still!!!!! – and even when the NZ Prime Minister in her veiled socialist esoteric terms quite bluntly and openly this afternoon has said she outrageously plans on driving you mugs off your farms and confiscating them.


Frankly, all you farmers. If you don’t wake up soon and do something about your dire approaching predicament, there is a strong argument that you do deserve to have your land taken off you as repayment for your unimaginable sheer ignorance and apathy.


And please. Don’t blame me. In the end of the day, I’m trying to wind you all up and awaken, inform and motivate you all of this implacable evil taking place right now in front of your eyes. Please. Don’t let our Communist Prime Minister win by default!


We are now in the end game. There is still time to do something about it, but not for much longer.


In politics, it is much easier to stop legislation from being implemented in the first place, than later changing it after it has become law.


Now is the time, for informed, factual, peaceful, non-violent protest and meaningful dialogue with the government if that is at all possible.


Please URGENTLY circulate this email to all farmers.


I’m a ‘townie,’ and yet even I, fully recognise the great contribution farmers make to the general prosperity of our nation.

Pastoral farming produces about 40% of New Zealand’s total export income.

If farmers go down, then we all go down.


Both the Fascists in National Socialist (Nazi) Germany under Hitler and Stalin in Communist Soviet Russia deceptively used “environmental laws” to attack farmers and abolish private property rights. Now its Climate Change under Agenda 21 under the United Nations.

Time for most people to wake up –and fast before its too late.

That is the stark reality.


Please, urgently pass on this email to others – especially farmers.





Jack Phillips