Putin Grovels in Israel About a ‘Holocaust’ that Never Happened, In Front of a People Who Genocided the Russians

January 26, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source: russia-insider.com

Within hours of President Putin issuing a grovelling censure of ‘Nazi Germany’ and rubber-stamping the official holocaust spin, the news story was removed. To our credit, we did unearth his statements by traipsing to Israeli media.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Holocaust ‘one of the most terrible chapters of human history and remembering it is our shared responsibility to the past and the future. The crimes committed by the Nazis, their deliberate, planned, and final solution to the Jewish issue, is one of the darkest and most shameful pages of modern world history’.

That is pretty rich coming from the world’s No 1 denier of the Bolshevik Holocaust proven responsible for up to 70 million martyred Christians.

The Russian president’s comments were undoubtedly a triumph for the World Holocaust Forum taking place in Israeli Occupied Palestine.  Clearly, it was in the interests of the holocaust lobby to headline the Russian leader’s comments so why was it suddenly removed?

There has never in history been such division separating an official government line and the beliefs of their peoples. With few exceptions media holocaust stories were accompanied by hundreds of readers’ comments expressing scepticism of the holocaust and mocking its lobbyists.

For likeness, imagine the emperor’s courtiers trying their damnedest to convince the people that their emperor is wearing the finest robes when it is obvious the monarch is naked.