Rabbi Reacts To Trump’s Jerusalem Eternal Capital of Jewish People

May 29, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT


Orthodox Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro  “The Jewish Nation don’t have a capital, a capital is a political concept. We are not a country, we are a people, a nation established on Torah Judaism. Yes, Jerusalem is a Holy place but that doesn’t make it our capital. It is a Zionist concept that Jews are not a religion, but a nationality/race. Shapiro said this After President Donald Trump announced that the US would move its embassy in Israel to the “eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem,”

Not so says Shapiro: “Zionists say that the Jews became a people when they entered Israel. Not true – it happened at Mount Sinai, before we even entered the Land of Israel. Step 1 for Zionism was to nationalize the Jewish people. Step 2 for Zionism was that they say Israel is their country…The modern state of ‘Israel’ was founded by people who wanted to create a country in the middle east. Somehow they say that this country is the country of Jews worldwide. How? They claim to represent every Jew, a completely unfounded claim. The Jewish people had nothing to do with the creation of this state. The Zionists did. The majority of religious Jews at the time did not want Israel to represent them at the state’s founding. Ben Guirion, Israel’s first Prime Minister agreed with his generation’s leading Rabbis to never claim that ‘Israel’ represents worldwide Jewry as it would be dangerous to Jews worldwide. It casts them as dually loyal. They can never be fully loyal to their home country if they are also loyal to ‘Israel’. He later went back on his agreement.”

Rabbi Shapiro’s sound logic is presented in this compelling, 7 minute video. Reference: “Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of ‘Jewish people’ is assault on my religion — Queens rabbi.”