Rat Photo-Bombs Reporter’s Live Coverage of Baltimore’s Decay

August 1, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: CNS News By Craig Bannister

Fox 45 reporter provides live look at conditions in Baltimore, Md. (Screenshot)

A rat ran through a live camera shot as a reporter discussed outrage over President Donald Trump’s claim the city of Baltimore, Maryland was rat-infested and needed to be cleaned up.

On Monday, Reporter Maxine Streicher was on-air live in the city’s Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood, saying residents think Trump should visit Baltimore and see its condition for himself:

“Now, we spoke with many people today, who say the president should consider coming here to Baltimore, to the Sandtown area, and taking a look at things for himself.”

As the camera panned to a shot of an alley, a rat scurried out from behind a bag of trash, and ran along the wall and around the corner.


On Monday, another Fox 45 video went viral – that of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh taking a tour of the city last September and declaring, “Whoa, you can smell the rats.”