RichardGage911 Austin Speaking Tour – Details

March 27, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

March 25, 2023



We have a week of great RichardGage911 events coming right up in Austin April 2 through April 6! Event #1: Independent National Convention 2023 Palmer Center / Mon-Weds, April 3-5 The major event is the Independent National Convention 2023 – featuring Tulsi Gabbard and Dennis Kucinich and about a hundred other speakers, including RichardGage911 representing the 9/11 Truth Movement to Independent leaders from all over the country. It will be LIVESTREAMED by INC’23. We are invited as a Panelist on the Duopoly Disentrenchment & Lawsuits panel to present and discuss a quick overview of the explosive evidence and legal actions we are taking relative to the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11. We will be connecting with powerful political influencers in many different Independent parties – 100 speakers altogether. This event is huge, and with YOUR help all of them will be hearing all about 9/11 truth throughout the convention. Learn More about the Convention: RichardGage911 Evidence Booth: We urge you to come in-person and join us at the Convention at our 9/11 Evidence Booth! We have an incredible opportunity here and need your help. This is a very important crowd to educate. Our teaching and interview activities at the Evidence Booth will be LIVESTREAMED by local supporter Ron Avery with mixNstream. We have a thousand RG911 WTC evidence brochures for this event and will hand out both at the booth and out “on the floor” (more discreetly). We’ll be handing out flyers encouraging attendees to learn more about the 9/11 evidence at our Dinner/Conference following the convention. You can get a $50 discount on your convention tickets with promo code $50OFFRG911 Event #2: Dinner/Conference: Thursday, April 6, 3pm 9/11 / Mass Media Cartel / Pandemic Treaty Our 5-hour Dinner Conference where Richard will be speaking alongside Mark Anderson of “Stop the Presses” will happen at the Bamboo Garden Chinese Restaurant. We will take it over on the day following the Independent National Convention. The informal atmosphere and great manager here at the Bamboo Garden makes for the perfect dining and presentation opportunity for us with dinner included at the Thursday night event! During dinner (included in the $40 event fee) I will be speaking on the explosive World Trade Center destruction on 9/11. This multimedia presentation will be followed by Mark Anderson, a journalist and American correspondence for the “UK Column” and the “American Free Press”. He will take-on the media censorship and propaganda head-first. This event will be LIVESTREAMED by mixNstream. Learn More about the Dinner Conference: Event #3: Dinner/Conference: Sunday, April 2, 3PM Parallels: 9/11 & Covid w/ RichardGage911 The local Austin 9/11 Truth group has been meeting regularly at the most hospitable restaurant in town – the Chinese Bamboo Garden. We will be presenting there Sunday April 2 and I will be bringing the more recent research comparing the features of two major Psy-Ops – 9/11 and Covid. Nothing gives me a greater sense of “Doing My Part” than speaking to open-minded groups of people. We hope you will bring your friends! So, come and join us for a great Chinese dinner (not included in the free event on Sunday) and a great dive into the dark side of our present world order. It must be exposed – and YOU are called to get more informed and share this info! Join us! Learn More about this Event: Can’t make it to Austin in person?! Get the LIVESTREAM remotely at home!