Ron DeSantis Opens Florida 100% After COVID-19 Panic Pandemic Nearly Destroyed American Economy

September 27, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

By Conservatives Journal

Governor Ron DeSantis fully opened the state of Florida by executive order on Friday. All restaurants and bars can operate at full capacity starting immediately. The order also prohibits local governments from imposing fines or shutting down businesses, or enforcing mask mandates. “We are going to preempt closure of restaurants from local [authorities] and this is evidence-based. Miami-Dade closed them…Broward didn’t. I challenge you to show me a difference in those epidemic curves,” he said. “They’re both dense counties and they both had significant epidemics, so I don’t think the closure of restaurants has proven to be effective.” He continued, “We can’t have businesses die.”

Leftists have immediately taken to calling DeSantis names like “Dr. Mengele” in response.

New York Magazine is actually accusing DeSantis of trying to kill Floridians to benefit Donald Trump. For real. They not only criticize his handling of COVID but are accusing him of trying to get people killed by proposing a new law that decriminalizes any incident where a motorist hits a protester who is blocking a road and threatening the safety of the motorist. The riots over the summer have seen several incidents where protesters have blocked vehicles and even pulled people from their vehicles and assaulted them.

Despite the loud partisan heckling, DeSantis is sticking to his guns. “Everyone in Florida has the right to work. Everyone in Florida has the right to operate a business,” he said.