Royce White: Republicans Have Voted To Hand America’s Sovereignty Away

December 28, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


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By Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV

Royce White tells Steve Bannon that the 21 Republicans who voted to hand America’s sovereignty away with the Omnibus bill are not even Americans, they are foreign agents and he says it all goes back to the Central Banking Cartel.

Royce says, “The Federal Reserve should be abolished. I mean, let’s just not dance around it. The Federal Reserve should be abolished and we should have a serious referendum about it in this country and free people all around the world, on what central banking has become, at the broadest level…

“We have $173 trillion in unfunded liabilities. We have $4.5 quadrillion global bank debt. Where’s the conspiracy? Where’s the rabble-rousing? We’re bankrupt. We’re swirling around in the toilet bowl, waiting to be flushed. The whole thing is a fugazi

“People have this idea that inflation is some accidental occurrence. It’s not! It’s government policy! We can control this but the referendum’s on the American People, when it comes to the debt and the debt ceiling.

“We have to stop voting for these 20 Republicans senators that pass these Omnibus bills through, that you would need an AI robot in order to read through in a proper amount of time to make a real decision. So, the referendum’s on us.

“As long as can continue to give over the sovereignty and the value of our citizenship to crooks, we are in the position we’re in…When your government steals, everybody steals…The people who don’t want to talk about central banking want to keep the conversation at a resolution lower than where the real problem lies. We know where the real problem lies. Follow the money. Follow the money is spiritual warfare.”

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Author: Alexandra Bruce