Rush Limbaugh Needs to Re-Think Justice

December 10, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN

A caller to Rush Limbaugh today expressed frustration at the lack of indictments in the US Attorney John Durham investigation, telling us that seven months into the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation there had been a grand jury empanelled and several indictments came out with arrests made. The caller suggested that he was concerned that nothing would come of the Durham investigation, (I interject, as likely next-to-nothing will come of the Inspector General Horowitz investigation). Further, the caller said that he wanted to see former FBI Director James Comey’s life upset and house raided with CNN in attendance in the manner that former Trump Adviser Roger Stone was treated.

Of course Rush warned him not to get his hopes up because this treatment that Stone suffered wouldn’t happen to Comey because it would be unjust, just as the raid on Roger Stone’s home was unjust. Of course we readers at RBN and all Americans who understand the Constitution and the inevitability of the existence of government do seek justice and not revenge. Revenge, like vengeance, is best left to those who can mete it out with perfection. That’s not me. Or you.

However, Rush’s comparison between raiding the home of somebody with no power to harm Americans, much less America, he being Roger Stone, falls apart, because the FBI Director has tremendous power to harm Americans and, more so, America. In fact, if James Comey is suspected of abusing the power of the FBI and, with malice, heading or empowering a bogus investigation into a political adversary, such as President Trump, then he sure-as-well deserves to be frog-marched through Times Square at noon, that is, if anybody does.

Rush likes to characterize himself as a harmless little fuzzball and he’s right, he doesn’t have the desire – and certainly not the authority or power – to utilize one of the most powerful agencies of the federal government to undermine the will of the people, effectively overthrowing a duly elected President as have many in authority, some of whom seem intent on seeing it happen to President Trump.

Let justice be served, and let it be served in the ratio that ordinary Americans get it served for merely possessing a plant.

Possess a plant, do two years in jail.
Attempt to use a high government office to undermine the will of the United States, that being the will of the people, what should be the punishment?

I’m pretty sure the Durham report won’t tell us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
Je suis Spike