Rush To Judgment: Would Mobs Still Have Rioted If They Knew THIS About The Jacob Blake Shooting?

August 27, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Source: Clash Daily | By Wes Walker 

Despite Jacob Blake’s family calling for peace, Kenosha continues to burn, two people have been shot dead, and one has a head wound. Was this all over a horrible rush to judgment by activists assuming the worst?

Jacob Blake suffered some serious injuries during the now-famous interaction with the police in which he was shot several times.

The Democrat candidate for President has publicly assumed the worst, got ahead of the facts, and has completely done away with due process and the presumption of innocence all Americans should be afforded. Because why should a police officer have the same rights as the rest of us?

But that same rush to judgment was also shared by much of the media and the public, who promptly set about tearing Kenosha apart.

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We all know how THAT worked out.

But what if we’d waited for the facts to come out? Might those guys still be alive today? Might a 70-yo man have NOT been beaten in the face with a bat? Over nothing?

Decide for yourself if these details would have changed the course of events… or whether attitudes toward the police have been SO successfully poisoned that the public will now believe the worst despite ANY evidence to the contrary?

First off, a woman called the police for help.

Who did she want to be protected from? You guessed it — Jacob.

Does that change the math at all?

What if we mention the domestic assault and felony sex crime component of their concerns? Is he still a ‘martyr’ of the cause? Or the outstanding warrant?

Ok, maybe that’s not a big deal to some folks. They might answer ‘make the punishment fit the crime’ or something to that effect.


Did you know about the Taser they tried to use? The one that didn’t stop him? Does that change the math? How about the struggle he had with cops that shows up in a different angle of the footage? No?

Ok. How about if he was armed or reaching for a weapon? Does THAT change anyone’s thoughts on how these events played out?

The presence of a knife seems like it could potentially be something of a game-changer, does it not? Especially if we learn that he had been reaching for it after (a) struggling with the police and (b) shrugging off police use of non-lethal force.

The cop already knew about a violent history and — in the right hands — a knife at short range can be every bit as deadly as a pistol.

It’s by no means an open-and-shut exoneration of the cop. A full investigation is required, and already underway.

Biden, the complicit media, and so many others poured gas on each and every one of these situations, helping the activists magnify the outrage and assume the worst.

Even Democrats can’t wish away what happened as a result of that rush to judgment.

If the cop is exonerated and we learn this really was self-defense, what words of comfort will they offer to the families of the deceased, of those who lost their businesses, or their employment because the mob looted and burned it?

What comfort will they offer the 70-year-old man who took a bat to the face if they got this story wrong?

It would have cost nothing to play this story down the middle. To remind the public that we don’t yet have all the facts.

But that didn’t happen, did it?

Just like they rushed to judgment with Smollet and Nick Sandman.

Notice how all of their rushes to judgment always err in the same direction?

Will it take class-action lawsuits from those whose lives are ruined to get the press (and maybe even politicians like Biden) to stop fanning these flames?

Lawsuits of the kind that Sandman leveled the press?

Something to ponder, maybe.