Science Confirms mRNA Vaccine Causes HIV-dependent AIDS!

February 11, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff



Source: Civilian Intelligence Network


Recent lab data obtained by Dr. Nathan Thompson of Yorkville Illinois, confirms that “Breakthrough” infections are early HIV “Seroconversion” and present with Autoimmune dysfunction symptoms that are similar to A.I.D.S.

Dr. Thompson obtained an immune system panel of a previously healthy patient at baseline, after the first vaccine injection and second vaccine injection on a patient. After the first inoculation he observed that CD8 T-cells were elevated. These are Lymphocyte cells (a type of White Blood Cell) whose main function is to kill Cancer cells and cells that are infected particularly by viruses. Elevation of CD8 T-cells occurs from the very early days of HIV infection, what is referred to as “HIV Seroconversion.” During this phase, the rapid development of CD8 T-cells indicates the presence of the HIV virus in the blood and the early onset of uncontrolled viral proliferation.


To assess the state of the immune system Dr. Thompson ran a White Blood Cell Differential after his patient had received the second jab. A white cell differential provides information about the types and amounts of White Blood Cells in a person’s blood. Here are his findings; Granulocytes were elevated, Lymphocytes and NK (Natural Killer Cells) were suppressed:


What is causing high Granulocytes? Granulocytes include: Neutrophils, Eosinophils and Basophils. A high count of granulocytes in the blood is called granulocytosis and is a concerning condition because it usually indicates an infection, autoimmune disease, or blood cell cancer.

What is causing low Lymphocytes? Lymphocytes are WBCs that produce antibodies and keep the immune system working. Three types of lymphocytes are routinely tested: B cells, T cells (CD4 and CD8 cells) and NK cells (Natural Killer cells) and they fight infection in different ways; B cells are involved in the production of antibodies and deal with infections outside cells, CD8 cells deal with infections that are inside cells, CD4 cells “help” B cells and CD8 cells do their jobs. Lymphopenia occurs when your lymphocyte count in your bloodstream is lower than normal and means the immune system is not working to fight off infection. It is also one of the hallmarks of either acute or advanced Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

What is causing low Natural Killer CellsNatural killer (NK) cells are lymphocytes of the innate immune system; the body’s first line of defense against foreign pathogens (e.g. virus, bacteria, fungus) and tumor cells, that helps to activate the body’s adaptive immune response. Low Natural killer (NK) cells in the blood represent a primary immunodeficiency disorder. Several studies have shown that HIV-1 pathologically changes NK cell homeostasis and hampers their antiviral effector functions. Moreover, high viral loads of the HIV virus can impair the NK cell regulatory features that helps to launch adaptive immune responses; the body’s second line of defense that allows the body to form “memory” against future pathogenic infections. Research now confirms that the mRNA vaccine induces the reprogramming of the innate immune system with evidence supporting that there is severe immune suppression and an increase in infections and cancers post-vaccination.

And it appears that Dr. Thompson is not alone in speaking up against the use of these vaccines. Dr. Lynn Fynn from “America’s Frontline Doctors” was also active on social media condemning these vaccines:

In a conversation with me, she informed me that these vaccines contain HIV activators within the “spike protein,” namely glycoproteins GP120 and GP41, that trigger an AIDS-like syndrome. She informed me that they tested the blood of 15 vaccinated patients using the ELIZA Test which detects and measures antibodies in the blood related to certain infectious diseases such as HIV. Her comments were, “I had 15 positive HIV ELISA screens; 5 were Moderna and 10 were Pfizer.”

Ok, so… explain this info so I can understand it? Vaccination with the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine has destroyed the body’s natural immune system that helps to fight off infection from virus, bacteria, fungus and helps to stop the growth of tumor cells. The immune system has “tanked!” What these motherfuckers are calling “Breakthrough infections” are really “HIV Seroconversion.” What they call “Long-COVID” is “Early onset AIDS” and what they call “Co-infections” is “HIV Acquired Opportunistic Infections.” The body will not be able to fight off a common cold let alone the seasonal flu without medications that the majority cannot even afford!

“Breakthrough Infections” = “HIV Seroconversion”

“Long-COVID” = “Early Onset AIDS”

“Co-infections” = “HIV Opportunistic Infections”

But how is HIV possible if there is no virus in the vaccine? Virus have antigens or what are known as “spike proteins” on their cell surface that allow the virus to attach and enter host cells where they then hijack the cells machinery to start manufacturing copies of themselves using their viral RNA code. These “spike proteins” can activate intracellular processes and other cell-to-cell networks that can trigger several reactions in the body. As long as you have the viral genetic code that produces these “spike proteins” the virus is not required! And the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine delivers just that; the genetic code for the “spike protein” which has already been documented as containing HIV inserts! In a postmortem study of a vaccinated patients, they found viral RNA in every body cell. Which means that they had the capacity of producing not just “spike proteins” but “viral-like cells containing viral RNA code!” Both are damaging to the body!

The First Victim of the COVID-19 Vaccine: Patient dies from Antibody-Dependent Enhancement!

Bottom Line: These motherf***ers, using vaccines, have infected most of our frontline Healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, police officers, paramedics and our military. We were always at war and nobody saw it coming because there was no invasion, no soldiers, no bullets; just a f****n virus the NWO elite developed themselves! They are now targeting our children! Your home, your job your savings or the stockpiles of food you’ve stored away wont help when the majority of the population dies off! You will see signs of serious illness in the next wave that occurs with the seasonal flu and they will call it a Twinfection!” But it’s not a true pandemic wave but rather the adverse effects of the vaccine triggering an adverse reaction with the influenza virus at a time when our healthcare system is hanging on a thin thread! A Liverpool-led study provides evidence that the twinfection of influenza and COVID-19 may exacerbate the health risk associated with COVID-19:

“Infected mice exhibited significantly more rapid mortality compared with mice infected with either virus alone. These results suggest that infection with both viruses leads to an exacerbation of pathological processes.”

We’re totally f***ed, get your affairs in order and try not to get sick! Those that have been vaccinated and those that were infected with SARS-CoV-2 directly can infect you! This is “Airborne AIDS” and chances are the “unvaccinated” are infected too! FYI: Since there is no such thing as “Natural Immunity” to HIV there is no Natural Immunity to COVID! It appears that “Dark Winter” is fast approaching and he’s riding a pale horse!

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