SEDITION: U.S. Intelligence Community Conducting Soft Coup in Washington, D.C.

July 13, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: State of the Nation

Deep State will not stop their stealthy
Purple Revolution until Trump is gone

C.I.A. using Mainstream Media to run propaganda campaign against Trump administration—24/7

State of the Nation

“The C.I.A. always softens up the government and propagandizes the
citizenry of a targeted country before 
a soft coup.  If that doesn’t work,
they simply execute a covert but violent 
overthrow via assassination
like they did with JFK.  Lastly, they will resort to an outright attack on
the key organs of 
government authority and/or military power, but
only when absolutely necessary.”

— Veteran Intelligence Analyst

Do you get it yet?

The NWO globalist entity known as Deep State, along with the Democratic Party, will — under no conditions — accept Donald Trump as the legitimate POTUS.  For that matter, neither will the many turncoat RINOs within the Republican Party.  You can add to this list of traitors most of the sultans of Silicon Valley, Hollywood moguls and actors, East Coast intelligentsia and Mainstream Media magnates.

Because of this unrelenting predicament, there’s no stopping the USS Donald Trump from hitting the Deep State iceberg.  By the way, no one said that Trump is at the helm of a 21st century Titanic.  He may just be the captain of a humongous icebreaker.   Only time will tell, however, and that time is fast approaching.

KEY POINT: Destiny cannot be thwarted when it is preordained in such a profound and fundamental way as it is right now for the United States of America.  Not only is the continuity of the American Republic at stake, the future of the planetary civilization hangs in the balance.  In other words the final outcome of “Trump versus Deep State” will ultimately determine the fate of humanity as it will for the world community of nations.

RUSSIA SCARE: C.I.A. Running PsyOp on the American People

For the uninitiated, ever since Election Day on November 8, 2016, The Company (aka the C.I.A.) has been very busy implementing “Plan B”, often referred to as the Purple Revolution.  Understanding the true purpose and key players behind this highly organized plot is crucial if it to be averted.  As follows: BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America…

This seditious revolution has several pillars that define both its strategy and MO (see the preceding graphic).  The whole world has been watching daily the “Russia scare” strategy— one of the main pillars.  Deep State knows that the Russian boogeyman was effective during the Cold War so why should they reinvent the wheel?

The following exposé details some of the subterfuge by Deep State and their agents within the Democratic Party which gave rise to the bogus “Russian hacking claim”.  In the face of so much MSM fake news about Russia, who will now believe the obvious truth in this post?CONFIRMED: DNC paid the ‘Russian’ founder of CrowdStrike to hack its server so it could be blamed on Russia!

C.I.A. and MSM: Fric & Frac of Deep State

Truly, no one has ever seen anything like it.  The C.I.A. uses their primary organs of propaganda — CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS — to run an unprecedented propaganda war against a sitting POTUS.  Likewise, the spook agency uses every major newspaper of record — especially The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, and Los Angeles Times — to float patently false accusations and deliberately misleading headlines on their front pages.

KEY POINT: Even Nixon was not subjected to such a daily barrage of fake
news during the height of Watergate.  And, “Yes!”, much of that media hysteria
was also contrived fake news, produced to facilitate his premeditated removal
which was in actuality a soft coup.

The CIA knows full well how to execute a color revolution.  They’ve conducted many around the globe over several decades.  Their trademark MO is to sufficiently frighten the citizenry about ‘dangers’ associated with their current government and/or head of state.   This is why the American people are now treated to a nonstop campaign of Trump-bashing by the MSM.  The CIA is aware that eventually a critical mass of citizens will actively support an overthrow. And that those who don’t show up will at least lend their moral support to it.

The false story about ‘Russia election hacking’, of course, was the perfect pretext for the U.S. Intelligence Community to rally around.  Agents in all 17 agencies could be compelled to go with the flow — seditious flow — because the POTUS was said to be working with America’s historical enemy — R U S S I A!  Throw in a Democratic Party that is still beside itself with rage and madness about Hillary’s defeat and you have a full-blown Purple Revolution in the works. See the following link for valuable perspective: Former Democrat Insider Goes Rogue—Exposes Plot To Falsely Blame Russia

This transparent scam being run on the American people is not unprecedented.  Both World Wars of the last century saw similar inflammatory propaganda being thrown about here, there, and everywhere.  That’s just how it’s always done.  They did it against Germany prior to World War II after they demonized the Kaiser prior to World War I.

The salient point here is that it’s now Putin who is being vilified and Russia that is being represented as the mortal enemy of the West.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and yet a vast majority of Americans still believe the lies. Whenever a really big lie is repeated frequently, it starts to sink in.  That’s what CNN and NBC are all about today.  So are the NYT and WaPo.  Their CIA masters in Deep State know all of the best mind-control programs, as well as the magic formulas for effective war propaganda. Massive Conspiracy to Deceive the American People Exposed

The MSM and C.I.A. are guilty of sedition

There’s one major advantage that the President has at this pivotal stage of the Purple Revolution. The MSM now commits sedition on a weekly basis.  The C.I.A. likewise openly perpetrates treason against the nation.  These traitors to the American Republic expose themselves regularly because they think they can act with impunity.  This public display of arrogance and hubris has never happened before in the USA.

As a consequence, the MSM can legally be shut down with one executive order.  The C.I.A. can be dissolved with one stroke of the presidential pen.  Even the FCC can close down various MSM organs of propaganda for blatantly violating various rules and regulations. The law is squarely on the side of the FCC in this regard.

Hence, the longer that Trump permits the traitors to out themselves for all to see, the more of them he can get rid of when the time is right.  That moment is fast approaching as Deep State is getting closer to pressing the button on stage 2 of the 2017 revolution.  Their implementation plan has been designed according to a set schedule which sees this Fall as a crucial phase of the Purple Revolution.

What began with a clandestine partnership between George Soros and Hillary Clinton back in 2016 has evolved into a full-blown conspiracy to bring down the U.S. Federal Government under President Trump.  Clearly the growing insurrection against Trump has many ultra-liberal groups and faux progressives, far left-wingers and brainwashed Democrats, among them.  However, it’s the hardcore Obamabots, Clintonistas and Berniacs who are the most dangerous.  Rep. Steve Scalise found that out the hard way.

Scalise Shooter Was Staunch Supporter of Bernie Sanders

As always, George Soros is front and center in this treasonous plot.  Therefore, at the very least, he should be arrested post-haste for sponsoring seditious activity which has resulted in so much personal injury (including numerous deaths) and property damage.  One need look no further than the European Union to view the societal mayhem that Soros & Company has purposefully wrought.  Now they’re hellbent on doing it here in the USA. The Clintons And Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution

Special Note:
The violent coup executed by the C.I.A. (and facilitated by the U.S. Department of State) in Kiev during February of 2014 is quite instructive.  Even President Putin was caught flat-footed while the Maidan Nezalezhnosti was turned into a war zone overnight.  That takeover was also preceded by a massive propaganda campaign aimed directly at Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.  The country was split in two just like America is today.  With each passing day of naked lies and misrepresentations circulated by the MSM, enough insurgents eventually showed up at the city’s main square to effectuate a full-blown coup d’état.  Yes, it was deliberately staged while Putin was preoccupied with the Sochi Winter Olympics, but both he and Yanukovych were completely blindsided by the swiftness and severity of the manufactured violence.  Team Trump ought to be paying very close attention from this point forward as there are several plans afoot to depose the POTUS.  These are operating on parallel tracks, some of which are decoys and distractions. Then there are those covert operations which are mutually supporting each other in the event of a full-scale Purple Revolution.

Even Tim Kaine’s wife (far right) was dressed in purple during Clinton’s inflammatory concession speech that was actually a veiled call to insurrection.


Where is this all going?

God only knows.

If the American people do not demand an end to the violence and lawbreaking, the Bolshevik perps will only become more emboldened.  These Obama-led and Soros-backed agitators will eventually intensify their insurgency nationwide.  They will surely increase the number of rioters and protesters — from the ranks of so many disillusioned illegal aliens — who are quite willing to disrupt civil society.

The Bolshevik Left now demonstrates an unparalleled willingness to harm people and destroy property never seen within the body politic.  Their use of agents provocateur has become obvious to even the most naive and uninformed.  Hence, President Trump is completely within his power to immediately prosecute all of those culpable agents of Deep State.

These subversive mercenaries are all cut from the same RED bolt of cloth as those who incited and carried out the Bolshevik Revolution.  In fact, the Left is becoming more vicious and violent by the event.  Just as their ilk terrorized the major cities throughout Russia in 1917, they use the same brutal tactics in 2017 across the USA.

Exactly 100 Years After the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917→Comes the Percolating Purple Revolution of 2017

One thing is for sure: the C.I.A. will not stop this uprising until Trump is frogmarched out of the White House.  The question then remains: What will the patriots and nationalists do to prevent that from happening?

State of the Nation
July 11, 2017

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