September 5, 2018 in News by RBN Staff




Yesterday, Linda Sarsour who had once called for a “jihad” in the USA,  who also represents the Women’s March stormed into the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Herself, along with seventy others as confirmed earlier this morning by Sen. Chuck Grassley were arrested.

This is the same Linda Sarsour who is instructing voters to #JustDoIt and vote Democrat regardless if they like the candidates or not. Sarsour made that clear in the video below.


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During and after the Presidential Elections of 2016 and throughout President Trump’s tenure people have made claims that protestors are being paid. Turns out, conservative personality Adam Schindler was able to obtain unequivocal proof.

He not only got photos of money exchanging hands but also got footage of the woman who received it being kicked out of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

In the photo below, it appears money is being exchanged. Basically, a guy with a folder with wads of cash, jotting down their names and handing over payment.

#DesperateDemocrats are literally targeting people who will do anything for a buck!

Here is the same woman who just received payment being escorted out of the Confirmation Hearing.

Read Adam’s full report here.

This is astounding and very concerning.  It seems that the #DesperateDemocrats will use people that are malleable, vulnerable and socially challenged to execute these acts.

We recently saw video footage of candidate Ocasio-Cortez approaching children with the intent to recruit them. Is it because they are vulnerable, are malleable to manipulate their parents?

These actions show just how desperate the Democrats are when the only thing they have to run on is “resistance” to President Trump.

Their messages are so incredible and far fetched they are borderline insane like the campaign picture below that @RealJamesWood tweeted this morning.

The #DesperateDemocrats prey on those that are vulnerable, socially hindered, young and old and so desperate for money – so desperate that they will do and say anything.  That is how ISIS recruits mercenaries. Mercenaries don’t care about causes, they don’t belong to any specific group, they don’t have loyalty to a party or country, they don’t care about who gets hurt or what means are used to get to the outcome as long as they get paid.

In essence the #DesperateDemocrats are using mercenaries to do their work.  We’ve all seen that “movie” before and it’s still an ongoing problem in the Middle East because mercenaries are “loyal” to the highest bidder.