Soros-Funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Refuses to Press Charges Against Suspect Who Tried to Carjack 2 Police Officers Inside Police SUV

March 23, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  americanfreedomnews


by Jim Hoft

In 2020 the homicide rate in St. Louis City reached a 50-year high. In response, the radical city leadership eliminated nearly 98 police jobs.

It doesn’t help matters that Soros-funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner refuses to charge violent criminals and keeps letting them back on the street.

In July 2002 a circuit judge dismissed a 2020 murder case after the Circuit Attorney’s Office “abandoned its duty” and failed three times to show for court hearings.

This isn’t the first time Gardner acted against her oath.  She was behind the fraudulent accusations that resulted in the removal of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

Gardner also initiated the McCloskey case — then used it to run her campaign.

Gardner refused to charge a drug dealer who was found with 1,000 opiate pills and 30,000 in cash because she didn’t like the cop involved.

n August 2018 Kim Gardner announced her attorneys will no longer accept cases from 28 different St. Louis City police officers. Gardner called it her “exclusion list.”

Kim Gardner is so intolerable that two dozen attorneys and more than one-third of the trial lawyers left the office when she was hired. And this is a Democrat dominated office!

And Kim Gardner’s office announced on Monday her office will not charge a suspect who attempted to carjack a police SUV with two police officers inside.

FOX News reported:

Prosecutors in St. Louis, Missouri, declined filing charges against a man who allegedly attempted to carjack a marked police SUV while two officers were inside, according to police.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department sought charges of first-degree robbery, armed criminal action and resisting arrest against a 27-year-old suspect who allegedly tried to carry out the carjacking Saturday.

A spokeswoman for the police said Monday that the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office refused to file charges, the St. Louis Dispatch reported.

A spokeswoman for Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner told 5 On Your Side the case “is under investigation,” but declined answering why charges weren’t filed.