St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC, LA, And San Francisco Becoming More Like Detroit

October 20, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Frosty Wooldridge

October 20, 2022

The great science fiction writer, Robert Heinlein, author of, Stranger In A Strange Land, said, “A society begins to fail when citizens lose respect for one another and themselves.”

His statement prophesizes exactly what’s going on in our big cities across America.  This week, a bunch of outlaw dirt bike motorcyclists surrounded cop cars, threw bricks and rampaged across our formerly “Great American City of Brotherly Love.”

In the past, we locked up people who disrespected others by committing crimes such as murders, shoplifting, robberies, arson, drunk driving, drug distribution, rape and all other uncivil activities.

But today, we’re seeing a U.S. Senator candidate, John Fetterman, from Pennsylvania promising to empty more than half the prisoners from that state’s prisons.  We’ve got NYC District Attorney Alvin Bragg failing to keep criminals off the streets by giving them immediate “bail-less” free passes.  We’ve got Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who actively promotes criminals, gangs and shootings in the “Windy City.”  She possesses no respect for the law-abiding citizens of that area.  The elected officials of all those big cities refuse to enforce the laws.  Many of them push for “defund the police” and “no bail” releases of hardened criminals.

St. Louis is dying, just like Detroit.

“Resignations have continued piling up at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department this year, setting off concerns from top law enforcement leaders.

“We’re reaching critical mass,” St. Louis Police Officers Association President Jay Schroeder said this month of staffing issues on the city’s force. “About 819 officers have left the department since 2017, according to the St. Louis Police Pension Board. The department lost an average of 119 officers each year between 2017 and 2019. In 2020, 129 officers left the force, with an additional 174 leaving in 2021, according to the pension data.”

That’s happening in all the aforementioned cities.  New York City’s mayor stands eyeball deep in crime, but he’s impotent to stop it, because he chooses NOT to stop it.

According to national news, seven police officers have been shot to death in the past 14 days.  Would that number be an indication that our own citizens don’t respect our own law-enforcement citizens? What about the horrific number of killings across the country as of October 2022?   That’s a lot of disrespect of one citizen who shoots another citizen with a gun or stabs them with a knife.


The Chicago Police Department reported the lowest number of employees in recent history at the end of March. The Seattle Police Department reached a 30-year staffing low this year. The vice president of the Philadelphia FOP Lodge sounded the alarm in August that the department is set to lose 800 officers in the next four years.

“We see law enforcement officers leave our profession at a rate we’ve never seen before,” National Fraternal Order of Police President Patrick Yoes said at the Faith & Blue conference in Washington, D.C., in August. “Our profession is dependent on the best and brightest stepping up and taking this job. And because of the actions, and because of the turmoil that has happened in the last two years, we have a crisis right now in manpower.”

St. Louis’ Murder Rate, Already the Highest in US, Soared Last Year: Mayor Tishaura Jones vows to defund the police

“We still have two separate police unions – one for Black police officers and one for White officers,” Tishaura Jones, the first black mayor of St. Louis told the outlet. “If they can’t trust each other, then how can they expect the public to trust them?”

The one item not mentioned in mainstream media news reports glares at anyone who lives in those cities:  it’s African-Americans killing African-Americans.  It appears to be a taboo to somehow hide the fact that our inner cities face horrific crime and killing rates among  blacks.  That’s why Detroit, Michigan dominated by African-Americans dropped from 1.85 million residents back in the 80’s to 650,000 in 2022. (And half of that number are Muslim immigrants)  Why?  Black Mayor Coleman Young facilitated crime out of his own office.  Over 1.2 million whites fled Detroit  (for fear of their lives) over a 15-year period.

All of us, black and white, have to ask ourselves how far down this rabbit-hole of allowing or facilitating criminals can we descend? Whether it’s D.A. George Gascon in Los Angeles or a Governor Gavin Newsom in California who oversees a crime-ridden state…somebody at some point needs to step up to reality.  “Woke”  doesn’t work. It’s failing miserably.

Yes, we must engage social programs that attempt to improve inner city ghettos.  But how do you stop 7 out of 10 black babies from being born to illiterate single mothers on welfare…while the illiterate sperm-donor runs around donating his sperm to the next illiterate teenage black girl?

If we are to recover respect for our laws as a society, we need to bring down the “hammer of the law” so hard that we lock all criminals up and keep them there…so they can’t continue their craft.  You kill a cop: immediate death penality.

If not, we’re going to see more Americans fleeing to smaller cities, more rural areas and more sane living.  What they leave behind will be more mass mayhem, killings, lootings, burnings, more welfare babies and destroyed cities like Detroit, Michigan.

One observer said, “Our cities are becoming self-cleaning ovens where the lawless simply annihilate one another.”

Personally, having traveled through and worked in all those cities, I don’t see any hope of their recovery to civil societies.  When you combine too many cultures, races, languages and illiteracy—it can only boil over into conflict and disintegration.