Strange September 18th Warning Letter Goes Out To Parents From School Near Philadelphia – Do They Know Something We Don’t Know?

September 23, 2015 in Current Events, News by RBN Staff

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die


All News Pipeline was recently sent an email that contained a very strange warning that was recently given out by a private school near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ahead of the Pope’s visit next week in which the date of September 18th was given to make sure that their children were adequately prepared for an ‘shelter in place’ emergency in school. The parent whom we got this message from writes that they are ‘awake’ to what is happening in America and to get a letter like this (republished below) really gives her a very unsettling feeling as we head towards the nwo ‘end game’ for America.

With John Whitehead at the Rutherford Institute recently warning that public school students are the new inmates in the American police state while the letter from a Catholic school below proves to us that during a ‘lockdown’ situation in school, school children AND their parents have NO RIGHTS what-so-ever, have we now reached the point in time warned about where the state is truly the ‘custodial’ parent of our children and our own parental rights have been completely thrown out the window? Is this another perfect example of why we need to take our children OUT OF organized school systems, systematically OVERTHROWING tyranny by no longer allowing the indoctrination of our children into the emerging ‘beast system’? Remember the words of MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry who says your children are not yours but are owned by the ‘community’ aka ‘the state’ as seen in the 3rd video below.

After reading this letter, what do you think? The letter begins: “We are living in very difficult times in this world.” Why do they specifically mention September 18th? Much more including a statement from this concerned parent and several more pictures and videos below.


The following statement and the 3 photographs below were sent by a Steve Quayle reader.

Hello Steve, first and foremost I feel blessed to have been led to you and your website! Thank you for all you do. I live outside of Philadelphia and as you can imagine, as an awakened individual, i have nervously been anticipating the arrival of the Pope to this region. I have made plans already to leave for the mountains next week so we will be far from here. Thankfully the schools are closed as well as many businesses. I have such an unsettling feeling. I recently came across Daboo7 youtube video a out the fema signs in Georgia and I wanted to share a paper that was sent home with my children last week. Additionally, last week we received an emergency preparedness booklet from the county. 14 years after 9/11 they are just getting around to this??  I truly believe that the time has come….  

While we think it’s great that school systems are preparing for disaster, we were a bit amazed to see what the school system felt would be an adequate ‘food emergency bag’ for the children as seen in the picture below.


This school was not the only official agency putting out emergency info as we can see below, Delaware County, Pennsylvania has also sent out a residents awareness and emergency preparedness guide. Is this all more proof that everybody is getting ready for something massive to hit America? Have all of our government agencies and local government’s simply become preppers? While we think it is GREAT advice for EVERYONE to be prepared for whatever emergency might strike, the timing of it all is certainly concerning considering everything else we’re now watching unfolding and reporting.


All excellent advice below…it’s great to see America becoming preppers. However, we have to ask, is there something that they know that we don’t know? Videos below include a new one from Spiro who tells us all about the new heavily armed units being rolled out in New York city ahead of the Pope’s visit as well as a new video from ANGEL OF APOCALYPSE who shares more on the mysterious September 15th FEMA warning sign previously reported on ANP in his latest ‘signs of the end’.


Update: Susan Duclos recently received an interesting message from a Facebook friend about this story.

Michelle Sabb Vaitkus

Hey gf….praying all is well with you. I though you might find what I am about to tell you rather interesting….your most recent post with the letter from the St James school, well they have a fb site and a website, myself and several others posted on their fb page asking to confirm this and why this is happening….they removed the posts. then we messaged them, they read and have not responded, so I took it one step further, I call them, and lo and behold, no one is available to speak to me….hhhhmmm, something very very odd happening there….sends chills up my spine.