Team Biden Lies are Off the Charts

July 10, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By Lex Greene

July 9, 2024

Look, it’s no secret to any adult that politicians lie, exaggerate their successes, diminish their faults, make false accusations against their opponents, blame others for failures they own, especially at campaign time. But the outright lies flooding out from TEAM BIDEN are totally off the rails and off the charts.

Like any real investigative journalist, none of whom work for the “mainstream” outlets today, I pay attention to everything, listen to everyone, weigh their statements with their actions, past and present, and let the chips fall wherever they may. I also subscribe to the “watch your friends close, and your enemies even closer” theory. It’s always good to know what your enemy is up to, before you get blindsided by them…

So, despite never donating to the Democrat Party at any time in my life, it seems my cell carrier sold their dataset to the political parties and likely the Federal Government, and now, my phone is flooded with campaign text messages from both major campaigns. I could STOP it…but find it very useful to keep receiving these messages in order to monitor the complete total meltdown currently happening inside TEAM BIDEN.

Since Biden’s disastrous debate performance last week, my phone has been receiving 4, 5, sometimes 6 or more texts per day from TEAM BIDEN. In every case, the texts are complete desperate lies intended to save a failed campaign, texting for dollars to anyone willing to listen.

The one I just received just moments ago is astonishing. Here it is…

Team Biden-Harris: “conservative justices on the Supreme Court awarded Donald Trump virtually unlimited immunity for his acts on Jan. 6. If he’s elected for another four years, he now has essentially a green light to use the office of the presidency to rule as a dictator and enact revenge on his opponents. Donate $20 today to fight back, reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris, and save our democracy:” (donation link removed)

It’s gotten entirely out of hand here… The US Supreme Court did no such thing…

However, for decades, since about 1913 under Wilson, the Democrat Party has been built strictly upon fear-mongering lies designed to control voting habits of all minority groups. The party is built on making their loyal voters FEAR voting for anyone else, because the “other guys” (aka Republicans) are going to “roll granny down the stairwell, steal an election, reinstate slavery, weaponize government agencies against political opponents, take us to war, ruin the economy and kill mother earth.”  

They clearly understand that most people will do totally foolish things out of fear…that they would never do for love, nor money. Sadly, it’s true… Of course, the people find it easy to believe these lies when the lamestream media rubber stamps the lies as truth, and well-paid democrat “factcheckers” hit the AMEN BUTTON to confirm.

Meanwhile, each of these things and much worse, have all been done by democrat politicians at the federal, state, and local levels. But in this case, as the Biden family, Obama and the DNC grows increasingly panicked over Biden’s freefalling campaign for reelection, the lies have left the rails and become ever more blatantly false, putting the campaign in an even steeper nose dive for the bottom of the political pits of hell. They are speeding for the ground, and no one has a parachute!

What the Supreme Court Ruling actually says… basically two things

  1. All Oval Office occupants have legal immunity while in office, for all actions consistent with Presidential duties and authorities.
  2. This immunity does not apply to actions beyond the functions and duties of a sitting President.

Now, for anyone familiar with our Constitution, you know that Oval Office Immunity has existed in Article II of the Constitution since its adoption in 1787. There’s certainly nothing new about that, as affirmed in part one above, in the SCOTUS ruling.

Of course, it should also be obvious to all familiar with our Constitutional Representative Republic that this form of immunity is not open-ended, a free pass for criminal activities which are not a part of Presidential duties and authorities.

There are two REALLY BIG problems with what democrats have tried to turn J6 into…

  1. The FBI concluded in their investigation that there “was no insurrection on J6.”
  2. The event was filmed, proving that Trump called for “calm, peaceful, and patriotic” actions that day, not a revolt or “insurrection.”

So, BIG FAT LIE #1 – “conservative justices on the Supreme Court awarded Donald Trump virtually unlimited immunity for his acts on Jan. 6.”

TRUTH – Trump was President on January 6, 2021, and as such, he did indeed hold “Oval Office Immunity” on that day, but not for “unlimited” acts. Only 3 Obama Justices dissented, and the other 6 Justices got this one right, as a matter of law.

BIG FAT LIE #2 – “If he’s elected for another four years, he now has essentially a green light to use the office of the presidency to rule as a dictator and enact revenge on his opponents.”

TRUTH – The Supreme Court Ruling provides for no such thing, and the USA has both Constitutional and Legislative laws against any such actions, by any Oval Office occupant. Furthermore, none of the fear-mongering and gaslighting lies told by the Democrat Party and Biden campaign are true, proven by the fact that Trump never did any of those things in his first term, despite being hunted by a wild pack of hyenas ever since he came down the escalator to announce he was running in 2015.

HERE’s the real PANIC!

Oval Office Immunity protects all occupants from criminal prosecution for Presidential actions, other than by a Congressional Indictment known as “impeachment.”

Left-wing lunatics on the loose…. “The conservative, extremist majority on the Supreme Court has decided former President Trump is above the law. Today’s decision further erodes the public’s confidence in our institutions and poses as great a threat to our democracy as the former president’s behavior.” – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (FALSE)

“The Supreme Court’s decision is a stunning example of institutional hubris and reckless judicial activism.” – Legal scholar Richard Fallon (FALSE)

But, as stated by the Supreme Court, this immunity is not a free pass for any illegal actions, which are not protected by the lawful duties and actions of a President… such as, trying to govern like a tin-horn dictator via Executive Orders, bypassing the power of Congress and the Courts…Such as, refusing to abide by court orders, or issuing unconstitutional mandates that violate the people’s rights, or engaging in illegal foreign money laundering and business transactions with your son and brother, which may in fact, rise to the level of treason against this country. (ALL BIDEN ACTIONS)

There are two things democrats hate about the proper Supreme Court Ruling on Oval Office Immunity…

  1. It can stop their illegal prosecutions of Trump just in time for the 2024 elections.
  2. It will not protect the Biden family and others for their years of illegal international crime spree, which may in fact, amount to treason against the United States.

In truth, the Clintons, Obamas and Bidens have gotten away with years of national and international crimes and the walls are closing in on them politically at this moment. The SCOTUS ruling makes certain that none of them are free from investigation or prosecution, in the event that the Department of Justice is ever returned to a constitutional agency engaged in enforcing real laws, not political persecutions.

This is the real source of the massive Democrat Party panic currently sweeping the nation and consuming every news network as they work feverishly to find a way to replace Joe on the 2024 ballot.


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