Texas Warns Joe Biden: Don’t Even Think About It … Or Else

May 31, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Source: The Beltway Report



ICYMI … Texas refused to bow to Biden and they won they day … THIS is what all states must do!

Joe Biden is about to make a push towards eliminating the Second Amendment but in many cases he will have a tough time enforcing those unconstitutional laws.

Nowhere in the constitution does it allow Congress to override the Second Amendment, meaning the states actually decide what their gun laws are, not the federal government.

If you don’t believe that guns in the hands of honest citizens are safe, consider the following.

Many years ago the city of Kennesaw, Georgia mandated that every household must own a gun. Gun grabbers claimed it would usher in a new wild west.

Since 1982 there have been two murders committed by people from outside the city. The crime rate is extremely low, their population has more than doubled and the Family Circle named Kennesaw as one of their cities. Home prices have soared because people want to move there so badly.

Joe Biden is taking the opposite tack and is trying to grab as many guns as he can. In Texas, he won’t be able to grab any. Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas says it won’t happen under his watch in Texas.

Biden is using the Parkland shooting as his reason for the confiscation but he fails to tell you how the parkland shooting was made possible. The shooter, Nikolas Cruz was able to buy guns because of the Biden/Obama administration.

They put a program in place whereby schools would not call the police on students no matter what. Cruz would have had a criminal record for violence and could not have bought any guns legally. But since he was never reported, he was never arrested and therefore could buy as many guns as he wished.

We need fewer criminals with guns and more good guys with guns. How often do you read about gun owners holding off home invaders?

From The Epoch Times

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responded to the push to restrict gun rights by President Joe Biden, who on the Feb. 14 anniversary of the mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school called on Congress to impose tougher laws on ownership of firearms.

“The Parkland shooting 3 years ago was an act of unspeakable evil,” Paxton wrote in a tweet late Feb. 14. “But Democrats cannot be allowed to use this tragedy as an opportunity to cram down unhelpful and unconstitutional gun laws.” 



“Biden won’t undo the #2A in TX on my watch,” the Republican attorney general said, referring to the Second Amendment.


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