Thanks, VA! Over 260,000 Veterans Stripped Of Right To Own Guns

April 3, 2016 in News by D



Once again our military veterans find their Second Amendment rights violated by the VA. Vets who have appointed a fiduciary trustee to act on their behalf have been automatically declared “mentally defective”. They’ve been reported to the Federal NICS (National Instant Criminal Backgroud Check System), which essentially marks them as prohibited to posses firearms.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa lawmaker who is currently the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, finds this unacceptable.

“Our military heroes risked their lives to protect and defend this country and all that we stand for, including our most basic constitutional rights,” said Grassley in a statement. “Now the very agency created to serve them is jeopardizing their Second Amendment rights through an erroneous reading of gun regulations. The VA’s careless approach to our veterans’ constitutional rights is disgraceful.”

Grassley has joined with Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., in an effort to demand answers and restore rights to veterans.

This appears as but one more step to disarm the general populace.