The 2020 Steal: Part of God’s Plan?

March 12, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By: Devvy Kidd

March 11, 2024

Conspiracy theorists who yak on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, write for cat cage newspaper rags and write on-line continue to this day to deny the biggest, in-your-face stealing of a presidential election in America’s history in November 2020.  “Experts” on talk radio continue to vomit up “President Biden” who was installed through massive vote fraud covered up by governors like Brian Kemp (GA) who hates Donald Trump and their SOS, Brad Raffensberger.  Both of those slimy, lying “public servants” won their reelection because they sold their souls for power.

New Report Confirms Brad Raffensperger’s Office Committed a Crime in Jan. 2021 as The Gateway Pundit First Reported in Feb. 2023, Mar. 9, 2024 – Bad news for Big Fani Willis.

Yellow journalism rules big newspaper conglomerates either for their fat paychecks or because of blind loyalty to the Democrat/Communist Party USA and for which it stands:  The total destruction of these united States of America; nullifying the Bill of Rights through unconstitutional bills signed into “law” upheld by partisan black robes who think they’re gods on the bench.

Thoroughly brainwashed, they are the Unreachables.  What those hacks in the prostitute media don’t understand is too many are selected elected (or reelected) because they are willing to sell out our republic.  The same ignorance applies to the brain-dead cackling crones on The View who don’t realize that when the real kingpins, the big decision makers Americans have never heard of decide you’re done, you’re done.

Either by assassination (JFK, Robert F. Kennedy, senior,) former governors who suddenly found themselves the target of corruption charges as well as members of Congress, a few judges along the way as well as state legislators.  The “fall from grace” has hit some of the biggest names Americans recognize.

Like Donald Trump or hate Donald Trump, imagine how he felt as he watched his election stolen from him.  He left the White House with dignity and the kingpins (the true shadow government) have been after him ever since, determined to stop him from winning again while bankrupting him in legal fees.

Anyone who doesn’t believe the shadow government has been planning (besides all the bogus indictments/trials) for probably at least a year how to steal the November 2024 election is either in denial or is in favor of cheating to win.  However, all those indictments/trials have backfired on those cockroaches and they know it.

Oh, how empty-headed narcissists like Rachael Maddow all crowed when a NY jury of Trump haters awarded an $83.3 MILLION judgment against Donald Trump in the defamation lawsuit brought by a female named E. Jean Carroll.  E. Jean Carroll Trashes Trump, Reveals What She Will Do with Trump’s Money After Jury Awards Her $83.3 Million (VIDEO), Jan. 29, 2024 – “This is the same woman who previously said ‘rape is sexy’ and a ‘fantasy’ – CNN’s Anderson Cooper was so disturbed he cut to a commercial break.”  March 8, 2024, Donald Trump secured a $91.6 million dollar bond; his attorneys filed yet another appeal.  He had to borrow the money.

What about DNA?  Judge rejects Trump offer to provide DNA sample in E. Jean Carroll rape defamation case, Feb. 15, 2023: “Judge Lewis Kaplan said Trump’s offer, which came after years of litigation in E. Jean Carroll’s suit, was too late in the process.”

Oh. Judge Flapdoodle*, er, Kaplan said it was too late in the “process” to provide proof of innocence.  Judge Kaplan was nominated by (oh, that’s so rich) Billy Clinton.

Is it ever too late to prove innocence?  Man Freed After Serving 38 Years for a Murder and Rape He Didn’t Commit, DNA Proved His Innocence //  DNA helps free innocent California man who spent 15 years in prison for murder – Ricky Davis spent 15 years in prison for a crime “he did not commit.”  //  For 110 Inmates Freed by DNA Tests, True Freedom Remains Elusive:

“It destroyed my family,” says Vincent Moto, unjustly convicted of rape and imprisoned for 10 1/2 years in Pennsylvania. “It cost me over $100,000 to get exonerated. That was my mom and dad’s money to retire. They’re struggling. I’m struggling.” Moto, a 39-year-old father of four, says his kids suffered psychologically and he still has nightmares of prison. He survives on odd jobs, welfare and food stamps. “I have to live with these scars all my life,” he says.

“Richard Danziger is even less fortunate. Wrongly convicted of rape and sentenced to life, he suffered permanent brain damage when his head was bashed in by another inmate. Danziger was released in 2001 after he served 11 years in Texas. Now, at age 31, he lives with his sister, Barbara Oakley. “He basically gets up, watches TV, goes to the park, and that’s the extent of his day,” she says.

“Lesly Jean, a 42-year-old former Marine imprisoned in North Carolina for a rape he did not commit, struggles to rebuild his life.  “You know that old saying, ‘When someone knocks you down, you need to get back up’? Well,” he says, “sometimes it’s not that simple to get back up.”

Trump doesn’t deserve the same right to prove his innocence because some NY judge says, sorry, you offered too late?

Before that travesty was the alleged rape of Carroll by Trump.  Yet another biased NY jury found him innocent of rape but still awarded Caroll $5 million bux for sexual abuse?  Huh? “Sexual abuse is a broad term that could refer to several types of illegal sexual conduct, including sexual assault, sexual exploitation, molestation, and rape.”  Trump didn’t rape Carroll according to the jury so just exactly what was he guilty of under sexual abuse conduct?  Well, the jury decided Trump didn’t put his Johnson in her vagina.

Remember, we’re talking about a dressing room in a store you and I can’t afford to shop in:  Bergdorf Goodman where people are walking all around the area.

Trump allegedly did this to Carroll: “…he shoved his mouth on hers, yanked her tights down, and penetrated her with his hand and then his penis. She described him curving his finger inside her, saying it was “extremely painful” and “a horrible feeling.”  Did she scream, yell out to anyone?  Apparently not.

If I were the jury forewoman, I would ask my fellow jurors a few questions:  Trump allegedly shoved (odd word choice) his mouth on hers.  Did lips remain locked the whole time so she couldn’t yell or scream or did Trump use one hand to muzzle her mouth?  He yanked down her tights, presumably while holding her captive while she’s “fighting back”.  Ladies know it’s difficult to pull down your tights even with two hands.  They’re not called tights for nothing.  Pulling them down with one hand would be quite a feat while your captive is allegedly trying to fight you off.  Did Trump use one hand to pull them down, use which hand to penetrate her and then insert his Johnson?  All this going on and no one heard a thing?  No one trying on clothes in the other changing rooms?  Not a single person.

Well, Judge Flapdoodle weighed in: “Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled in August that the jury verdict showed Carroll’s rape allegation was “substantially true”.  This was a civil case where a jury thinks the allegation(s) might be true, but we’ll settle for a lesser charge.

Uh, oh…do we all remember Monica Lewinsky’s little blue dress (story exposed by Matt Drudge) she kept which had Billy Clinton’s semen on it?  Do we all remember serial adulterer, Billy, poking his finger at the media saying, “I didn’t have sex with that woman”?  Well, Billy, pesky DNA evidence hung your crooked little pene out to dry.

Let’s not forget Billy paid “trailer trash” Paula Jones an $850,000 settlement when she sued him for exposing his “little crooked penis” in front of her at a hotel in 1991.  Billy’s law license was suspended in Arkansas; he was impeached by the U.S. House, but never went to a trial in the Senate.  I believe (but too long to lay out when and where in this column) Hildebeast saved him from a trial. She saved his presidency.

May we have a drumroll now for Ms. Carroll:  Trump Responds to The Gateway Pundit’s Report of E. Jean Carroll’s Jacket Dress — Says Assault Claim Invalid Due to Dress Date Discrepancy, Jan. 22, 2024:

“Posing for New York Magazine in June 2019, Carroll claimed it was the same Donna Karan jacket dress she wore in 1994 when the attack supposedly occurred.  E. Jean Carroll wrote her bizarre story in New York Magazine in June 2019.  Carroll said she kept the dress in her closet after the alleged assault.  She says she never wore it again and that “I have never had sex with anybody ever again.”  I could make a comment about that quote but I don’t need a defamation lawsuit.  Quoting again from the article above, “But there was one big problem with this woman’s story.   The Donna Karan jacket dress was not even made or sold in 1994.”

Please keep in mind Carroll was at one time an actress!  Never watched any of them for even one minute:  1975 Saturday Night Live episode, something called Cable Crossing, episode in 1994 and the Best of Phil Harman show in 1998.  A jury makes a great audience – especially for salacious ‘testimony’ regarding someone so famous as Donald Trump.

Do I believe any of Carroll’s well-timed decades old accusations? Not for a nano-second and I’m entitled to my opinion under the First Amendment.  We are to believe one of the most recognized faces not just in America, but Europe as well, goes into a high-end store, somehow gets a female into a dressing room, assaults, rapes her then walks out as if nothing happened.  Of course, Carroll was so traumatized, she said not a word but kept a coat she allegedly wore that day that hadn’t even been made yet.  What happened to the tights she allegedly was wearing?  DNA wasn’t as advanced in 1994, but it was accurate if there is a large enough sample.

If people believe Carroll, they don’t know much about Donald Trump.  He’s known as a germophobe; someone who is afraid or wary of picking up germs from someone else.  So, knowing Trump’s desire not to pick up germs from human interaction would he sexually assault any woman he had never seen or met before in a public place, not knowing if that woman has slept with one man or one hundred, has any STD’s or even HIV/AIDS?

Getting back to stealing the November election from Trump (and down ballot GOP votes for U.S. House and Senate).  I did not watch career criminal and fake president, Joe Biden, give his handlers State of the Union Address.  Haven’t owned a propaganda box (TV) going on eight years.  However, I’ve watched a number of video clips.  No question in my mind whatever they shot old Joe up with had to contain some sort of methamphetamine or a drug that pumps you up.  Americans paying attention have all seen the video of Biden falling, not once, but three times trying to get up the stairs on Air Force One.  THAT is the real Joe Biden.

It was obvious to anyone following the 2020 election year the DNC was determined to make someone they knew had dementia as their choice for president.  Someone who could be controlled.  But over the past three years, sniffer Joe hasn’t been able to control his mouth or make his brain work.  The fact he’s now suffering from Altzheimer’s should scare the hell out of every American regardless of political party.

The usual political whores, TV and on-line blabber mouths all cheered Biden’s fantastic speech! his energy! his leadership!  See, even at 81, “he’s not there” Joe, has done a great job! Joe Biden is and always has been a habitual liar and he told one whopper after another.  It’s old Uncle Joe’s trade mark whose been the butt of bar jokes for decades.  As for his “energy”, what we saw was rage, hate, anger and promoting division, not unity for America.

Just my personal opinion but I think all those meds (liquid or pills) to treat first the dementia and then Altzheimer’s have taken a huge toll on him.  Add a little extra energy booster and what the world saw that night was disgraceful and frightening.

Biden had surgery for a second brain aneurysm on May 4, 1988.  Long term effects from the types he had include memory loss and physical impairment.  Tack on three decades of aging, car loads of meds and you have a marionette who loves ice cream.  Cognitively his decline has accelerated a lot since 2020.  He was a mess then and that’s why it was imperative his handlers keep him in the basement ‘because of COVID’ as much as possible.

Biden spends as little time in the public eye as possible and no doubt in my mind when away from the public eye – besides guzzling down ice cream – he sleeps a lot.  In order to get Biden to stand up long enough to vomit up a train load of lies for his State of the Union Address, my money goes to giving him an even stronger dose of whatever he gets for his Altzheimer’s along with some form of “upper”.

There’s a saying: “God works in strange ways. We don’t know his plan.”  I’ve thought about the Big Steal a lot.  Can’t help it, I just think a lot.  While what happened, stealing Trump’s legal win, was and has been horrible for him, his family and our country, what would have happened had he stayed in the WH?

Continue having to fight his own party over the wall at the border and many other issues as well as the socialists and communists in the U.S. Congress and rotten partisan judges.  He would have stayed in the face of the media whores, make no mistake about that.  But the American people would still be in the dark about what’s really going on and how they’ve been played. 

So, what happened after Trump left the WH?  FINALLY, tens of millions of pissed off Americans saw for themselves how an election is stolen even though people like me (since 1993) have written about it a thousand times and too many radio shows to count as a guest since 1993 focusing on election fraud.  Spoke at conferences and hounded state legislatures and counties to ban electronic voting machines and scanners.  Back then we were called sore losers, now it’s election deniers.   Well, that’s no longer the case.

Americans have watched the Democrats go after Trump using “lawfare” beyond any rational justification other than to “get Trump”.  Even Democrat voters are fed up with what they’ve seen.  They’ve also gotten a rude awakening regarding the Biden Crime family.  Because of independent media, Americans by huge numbers have become knowledgeable about the shadow government, EVIL organizations like the WEF (World Economic Forum) and just how dirty the communists in DC play.  Since trump left the WH, there’s been a great awakening and not just here in America.

Election fraud being at the top of the list for millions here along with the illegal aliens invasion.  I want you to please remember:  NO ballots can be counted after midnight ON election day for federal offices.  We’ve got to get to as many county clerks and county commissioners BEFORE the Nov. election because despite the Supreme Court’s 9-0 decision it’s still going on and it’s how the Democrats cheated Trump in 2020 and many excellent GOP House and Senate challengers.  Ballot dumps in the middle of the night.  Tens of  thousands of them in two states alone.  Ballot counters going home until the next day to continue counting.  Votes for federal offices counted a week or longer after election day.  All in violation of federal law.

If you missed my column on this, please read it:  Finally: RNC Files Bombshell Election Lawsuit, Jan. 29, 2024 –“Any other construction would render the statutes inoperable.  If “the election” – which is defined in Foster v. Love – as the combined acts of voters and officials – begins before Election Day, then continues after Election Day, there is no real Election Day.  The statute would be utterly inefficient, and the plenary authority of Congress over the time to choose electors would be denied.  There is no possible construction of the statute which would allow State elections for presidential electors to continue after Election Day.”

“Many thousands of votes were “discovered” days after the November 2020 election and still more in the last few months.  Counting of votes in key swing states extended well beyond Election Day when counting of the ballots had to stop at midnight ON Election Day…

“Well, imagine my surprise two days ago when I read this on that magically disappeared from their front page an hour later:  RNC files an election integrity lawsuit in Mississippi challenging ballot counting deadlinesJan. 6, 2024.  “The Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit Friday to stop Mississippi ballots received days after Election Day from being counted, arguing a current statute violates federal law. The state’s current deadline allows ballots postmarked on or before Election Day to be counted if received within five business days of the election.

“The RNC, along with the Mississippi Republican Party and the Hinds County Republican Party, are claiming the practice violates the federal Election Day statute, which states that “the Tuesday next after the 1st Monday in November, in every even numbered year, is established as the day for the election.”  I’ve been writing about this for almost three years as have a few others.

Judicial Watch Sues Mississippi for Counting Absentee Ballots Received after Election DayFeb. 5, 2024.  In that article:  “In 2022, Judicial Watch, on behalf of Congressman Mike Bost and two other registered voters, sued Illinois allowing vote-by-mail ballots (even those without postmarks) to be counted if received up to 14 calendar days after Election Day if the ballots are dated on or before Election Day. The case is now on appeal.”  Nearly two years down the road for an appeal to still be sitting there is UNACCEPTABLE.

Popular talk show hosts Clay & Buck spend practically everyday yapping about whether or not Biden will be the nominee or step down at the DNC convention for health reasons.  What they should be talking about is stopping another steal and how to prevent it.  Get the millions who listen to their show mobilized.  The same goes for Sean Hannity.  No counting votes for federal offices after midnight ON election DAY and I’m going to make sure it doesn’t happen in this county.  What about yours?

The shadow government is backed into a corner with their brain gone fake president.  They know no one wants ‘Legs in the Air’ Kamala Ho Harris.  They absolutely HATE Donald Trump with a passion.  The Democrat/Communist Party USA IS A CRIMINAL SYNDICATE.  The Biden family are Kings of Crooks.  Since Trump left office, look at all that’s been exposed.  I doubt all that’s come out in a little over three years would have if Trump would have remained in office.  A lot at stake for the kingpins and their “dark” money dirty players like George Soros will stop at nothing to keep Trump out of the WH.

God is in charge and as painful as it’s been, I believe He decided Americans needed to get kicked in the gut to wake up and see how they’ve been deceived and played.  Give US a last chance.  There’s no way the colonials outnumbered and out gunned could have won the Revolutionary War and birthed a new nation, America, without God’s intervention.  He blessed this nation and over the past 60 years, millions of Americans have spit in his face in too many aways to cover here.  Our Father must surely be angry and we are paying the price of an immoral society.  A now lawless land where the evil doers – including illegal aliens – are protected and the innocent persecuted and prosecuted by political enemies.

I believe the 2020 election was stolen as a tough lesson for Americans and make no mistake about it:  There will be violence when Trump wins.  BLM, ANTIFA, the feds (think Jan. 6th) – sheriffs had better be ready and not just in big metropolitan cities.  I hope it won’t happen but as Patrick Henry said,

“Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past.”

Elon Musk says Biden flying 320K ‘unvetted’ migrants into the US sets stage ‘for something far worse than 9/11’, March 5, 2024

I leave you with the highest recommendation to watch this documentary.  It will stun most and I hope anger millions so they become part of the solution instead of sitting on the side lines doing nothing.  It’s powerful and the last ten minutes you’ll see Americans are not only fed up, they’re are standing up.  A lot going on out there.

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