The Brexit Desperation Rises as the Betrayal Deepens

April 3, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: The Duran

British parliament is now worse than a joke. And they have no one to blame but themselves.



LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 26: Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, greets European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, as he arrives at 10 Downing Street on April 26, 2017 in London, England. Prime Minister May is to hold her first major talks with E.U leaders since calling a general election in a bid to strengthen her position in forthcoming Brexit negotiations. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)


Authored by Tom Luongo: 

As I watch the desperation of these people, obviously loyal to the European Union first and their constituents a distant fourth or fifth – after themselves, their party and any corporate lobbyists – it’s clear they don’t have any clue as to how to get out of the mess they’ve made for themselves.

Yesterday the British parliament again took over the business from the government and again was incapable of providing any direction to that government as to what kind or type of Brexit would be acceptable.

Mike Shedlock has a good run-down of the votes themselves if you are interested in what terminal virtue-signaling looks like. Mike thinks:

There will likely be one more round of “indicative votes” and also likely May’s Deal vs No Deal or the result of the indicative vote.

There are options left. Theresa May will try to steer this to the vote she wanted all along: My Deal or No Deal.

If she can achieve that, I suspect it will pass but it is by no means certain.

I agree with the first point but the real challenge is neither of the options he lays out, there’s a bigger problem as of today. It is the latest betrayal of Brexit by Oliver Letwin and Yvette Cooper who will try and ram through a long-extension bill on Wednesday to put off Brexit for an indefinite period of time.

It will be yet another amendment of the Article 50 law that is, for all intents and purposes, a travesty of British parliamentary history since these amendments to the law have not gone through the normal review process which could easily take more time than these traitors have to stop Brexit happening on April 12th.

They are searching for a way to find a solution that involves them winning voter support while betraying Brexit. Project Fear hasn’t worked and now we’re into Project Attrition.

The problem is there is no such solution.

And the reason for that is has nothing to do with a house divided, party politics or anything else.

It’s all about them.

Politicians are a feckless and cowardly lot. They exist only to get re-elected and retain the perks of the office.

This is especially true in Britain as so many of them are incapable of holding, in Nigel Farage’s words, “a proper job” where they provide something of value in exchange for their time.

They are only good at one thing: being members of parliament, conniving for their own advantage.

And this has disheartened many British people, who rightly see their MPs imposing their will over those who voted for them.

It reeks of arrogance and entitlement. But it also reeks of fear.

Watching this play out reminds me of something Lee Stranahan said to me in my talk with him last fall. He said people think politicians don’t care about what we think, but that that is not true.

Politicians care only about what we think. Their entire lives are spent checking the direction of the political winds to see what they can get away with.

And the reason Brexit is such a ‘cock-up’ is because MPs refuse to actually vote for what they want to do because they know what the backlash from voters will be.

Ignore the opinion polling, especially in Britain. As I’m fond of saying, “there are lies, damn lies, statistics and British polling.” If the MPs were so secure in their arguments that the “people didn’t know what they were voting for in 2016,” or “things change, let’s put this to another vote” they wouldn’t have voted down all forms of Brexit and all forms of Not-Brexit over the past three weeks.

They would have voted for something.

And that’s because the Remainer Tories are scared of losing their seats for betraying their mandate and so is most of Labour. The only ones who seem committed to their path are the Scottish Nationals, having put all of their eggs into the ‘IndyRef 2’ basket, hoping a 2nd referendum on Brexit will pave the way for a second one on Scottish independence.

That’s why the desperation is so thick right now. Letwin is a dyed-in-the-wook europhile, who has a history of stabbing Prime Ministers in the back (Poll Tax) for political gain and Cooper is simply angling for Jeremy Corbyn’s spot as leader of Labour.

Both are calculating that they can stop Brexit and win politically as the heroes who saved the country from a “No-Deal” Brexit. I’m sure they know just how much the U.K. would be punished in the short term by the financial markets, currency speculators, banksters and corporate raiders, standing behind them and their counterparts in Brussels.

The Davos Crowd in other words.

Remember, the mood at Davos this year was like a morgue. The oligarchs know they are fighting a defensive war now.

That is the plan at this point. To wear down opposition to their plans and blackmail the people into submission lest they lose trillions.

Don’t let the EU’s strong facade fool you. These people do not want a ‘no-deal’ Brexit anymore than my goats want steak for dinner. We already know this because we are into stoppage time on Brexit, handed out precisely because Theresa May went to them at the end of March with “No-Deal” in her back pocket.

But they have no other plan now. It’s more arm-twisting, desperation and hysteria. For now, it’s about the Letwin-Cooper amendment creating the illusion of cross-party support.

While Theresa May meets with Jeremy Corbyn to hash out what they can bring to the EU next week.

The EU wants the deal they dictated to Theresa May. She can’t deliver that. Now both will conspire to destroy both parties and betray Brexit.

In America, bipartisanship is just a euphemism for the two parties coming together to screw the people. That’s how we get everything bad in the U.S.

The same thing will happen here over Brexit.

Corbyn and May will lock horns and we’ll find out who is made of what. You know I think Theresa May is made of Gypsum, so all Corbyn has to do is access what’s left of his testosterone after a lifetime of selling it out to Marxism and Brexit will be over.

The likelihood now is that they will craft the worst possible compromise and try and sell that to both of their backbenchers.

Letwin and Cooper have set the stage with the legislation.

Now it’s up to Corbyn and May to bring it on home.

And in no case does “England Prevail.”