The Conviction of Derek Chauvin Was One of the Worst Travesties of Justice in American History

December 11, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell

The complete and total collapse of Justice in America

Derek Chauvin was convicted on the basis of false evidence.  His conviction rested on avideo taken at an angle that produced a misleading view.   As I reported at the time, up close police videos showed Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder, an approved restraint illustrated in the approved police practices handbook.  This information was buried under constantly repeated showings by the irresponsible and witch-hunting American media of the video which from the angle it was taken made Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s shoulder look like it was on Floyd’s neck..  

The three officers, Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, and Tou Thao (a black, a white, and an Asian) convicted along with Chauvin were simply convicted for being present on the scene. 

As I pointed out at the time, Chauvin was indicted and convicted by the irresponsible American media with endless repetition of “Derek Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes despite Floyd’s plea ‘I can’t breathe.’” This was a lie.  Chauvin was convicted by a lie.

I remember when it was a cause for moving a trial to a neutral or objective location or even for dismissal of the charges if media or public officials said a defendant was guilty prior to conviction by a jury.  The reason was the media would have polluted the jury pool with the idea that the defendant was guilty. In Chauvin’s case the Minneapolis city government further polluted the jury pool by awarding Floyd’s family $27 million dollars in damages prior to the trial.  I do not know whether the ban against conviction in the media has been repealed or become a dead letter requirement or whether it was just suspended in Chauvin’s case. 

Intimidation also played a role in the wrongful conviction of Chauvin. The Black Lives Matter riots, which the Democrats permitted, encouraged and justified, convinced prosecutors, judges, and jurors that a guilty verdict was required whatever the facts of the case or there would be more looting and burning.  It is clear that Judge Cahill withheld exculpatory evidence from being presented to the jury. He was an asset to the prosecution and enabled Chauvin’s wrongful conviction.

I also reported at the time that the coroner’s report stated that Floyd’s blood contained a higher dose of fentanyl than is normally required to kill a person.  This evidence played no role in the trial of Chauvin.  I also reported the autopsy report’s conclusions that there were no injuries to Floyd’s neck and that Floyd had heart problems that would make his death likely under the influence of drugs.

Chauvin’s frame up was a product of the intimidating violence Democrats and media encouraged and justified and of the prosecution and judge’s  withholding of exculpatory evidence. It was also a product of years of media reports emphasizing gratuitous police violence against blacks.  The same police violence was used against whites, but the media only reported the instances where blacks were the victims.  Some experts attributed the police violence to the Israeli firms that were hired to train US police, pointing out that in Israel police are trained to deal with terrorists, not with ordinary crimes. The years of media emphasis left a negative image of police.

The misrepresentation of George Floyd’s death has even intimidated the US Supreme Court which refused to hear Chauvin’s evidence-based appeal.  

One consequence of Chauvin’s wrongful conviction is that media, Democrats, and Black Lives Matter have learned that they can use violence and intimidation to convict the accused, thereby decreasing the importance of evidence.  Another consequence is that policing in Minneapolis is dead. Forty-four percent of the force resigned.  With fentanyl use at a peak, and with  fentanyl deaths  exploding, especially among blacks, police avoid situations in which the suspected black criminal could be on fentanyl, resulting in an overdose death and murder conviction for the police officers.  The result is the explosion of crime in America as blacks understand that they are now less likely to be arrested for criminal acts.

Anastasia Katz, who covered the trial of Chauvin, published an article on December 8 about “The Fall of Minneapolis,”a documentary about the trial and its consequences, produced by investigative reporter Liz Collin.  The documentary is based on Collin’s book, They’re Lying: The Media, The Left and the Death of George Floyd.  Here are the links to the article and to the documentary:  This is a very important presentation of evidence that shows you that conviction, not justice, is the goal of the system. Watch the documentary before the thought control police take it down.  No, Liz Collin is not leftwing.  The leftwing delighted in Chauvin’s wrongful conviction.

You will learn, based on fact, not opinion, that the American print and TV media repeatedly lied and made no investigation of the facts.  The facts show that Chauvin did everything according to the approved procedures in which he was trained. You will learn that the prosecutors knew about the fentanyl and lack of neck injuries and decided to downplay the exculpatory evidence and prosecute regardless of the facts. You will learn that chief prosecutor Keith Ellison, a black, is on record saying that “black people don’t have an obligation to obey government.”  You will learn that the Minneapolis black police chief lied under oath for the prosecution.  You will learn that Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey and Minnesota governor Tim Walz are despicable beings who led the campaign against Chauvin in advance of the facts.  You will learn that the FBI intervened and might have intimidated Dr. Baker.  You will learn that in blue cities, mob violence controls the justice system.  You will learn that Democrats covered up their responsibility for the massive destruction in the Minneapolis fire, which they caused by standing down the police, by blaming it on Derek Chauvin.

George Floyd killed himself by overdosing on fentanyl, by leaving a serious heart problem unattended, and by lying to police that he was drug free.  If Floyd had answered truthfully, police would have realized Floyd’s condition sooner and called medics earlier.  George Floyd and no one else was responsible for his death.

For black activists, who have been taught to hate “racist white people,” George Floyd is  the equivalent of the Zionist’s Holocaust.  Just as any criticism of Zionist Israel’s mass murder of Palestinians is dismissed as anti-semitism, the arrest of black criminals is considered racism.  Just as nothing can be done about Israel’s war crimes, nothing can be done about black crime.  Indeed, blue cities and states continue to legalize black crime as this allows Democrats to pretend that black crime doesn’t exist. See this.