The Destroyers – Flood Congress with Calls This Week

July 8, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

July 8, 2024

The feeding frenzy after career criminal, China Joe Biden, flunked his audition (aka debate Trump v Biden) set the Internet on fire.  Don’t know about the liars for hire on the propaganda box, aka TV/cable as I haven’t owned a TV for eight years. Of course, I’ve seen clips of the hysterical fools on line meltdown as if Biden’s dead brain was something new as well as all the calls it’s time for sniffer Uncle Joe to exit.

Speculation and betting on line has run the gambit as to who would replace that usurper who “won” by cheating in 2020.  It can’t be Legs-in-the-air Kamala Ho Harris as she, like Marco Rubio, is NOT a natural born citizen which the U.S. Constitution requires a person must be to become president of our republic.

Not to mention the deal makers know Ho Harris is not only an incompetent nitwit, she’s dangerous because of her rank stupidity and lack of comprehension regarding critical issues.  All she does is travel around encouraging young girls and women that abortion, killing their unborn baby, is a good thing.  Stephen Miller, who was Trump’s most senior adviser during his first term, gives a short interview here roasting Ho Harris for covering up Biden’s obvious decline since he unlawfully took office.

Oh, and let’s not forget Americans (except screeching “women of color” who believe the only qualifications to be president of these united States of America must be skin color and sex. Absolutely no Caucasians- especially male.really do not like Ho Harris.  They don’t.

Kamala Harris Delegate Says They Will Blow Up the Democrat Party If a White Man Is Chosen Over Her, July 2, 2024 (Gee, wouldn’t that be a shame?)

Not many Americans know much about Ho Harris other than her skin color and she’s female. This is a MUST read about the real Kamala Harris, her climb to fame and how she got the nick-name ‘Legs in the air’:

Who Is the Real Kamala Harris?, Sept 7, 2020. 

Hail to the fake former first lady, Michelle Obama – America loves her! Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen and was ineligible to run in 2008.  The Republican Party let him get away with it because he’s half black. Obama’s black father was a visiting British foreign national, not a U.S. citizen. People forget (real name) Barry Obama’s mother was Caucasian.  But, for the sake of identity politics, Hussein Obama simply became a black man.

Michelle Obama lives the life of luxury, vacationing on $100 million dollar yachts – owned by white billionaires – traveling around to various events and vacationing in countries around the world. Does anyone really think she wants to be in the Offal office at 8:00 am every morning to get the overnight reports regarding world events, etc?

Not to mention for the umpteenth time, her spokes mouths issued yet another statement on July 5, 2024:  Michelle Obama’s Team Shuts Down Presidential Rumors Again: ‘She Will Not Be Running for President’.  Of course, it could be a lie because like her husband, Michelle Obama is a habitual liar.

So, the speculating and in-fighting will go on within the Democrat Communist Party USA but I want to do a follow up to my recent column about who is really making the decisions and it isn’t mentally dead Joe Biden. All presidents have individuals advising them on national security.  They all nominate individuals for cabinets and agencies who are not elected officials but represent the U.S. government.  Like the unconstitutional USAID (United States Aid for International Development).

With few exceptions in my life time, these unelected officials lust for power and money.  My July 1, 2024 column, History Being Written and It Isn’t Going to be Pretty, is a very important read in case you missed it.  I feel safe in saying the majority of adults in this country have zero knowledge of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission or the World Economic Forum.  Just like the United Nothing [UN], they are all independent operations and not part of the U.S. government.

Yet, their membership lists (including the Bilderberg group) are individuals from the prostitute media, billionaires and high-ranking officials from many different governments- including the U.S.  Their end game is to rule the world and dictate our every move.  Of course, none of it would be possible without the central banking cabals who control the money.

June 10, 2024 – video:  “America Is So Corrupt James O’Keefe Literally Caught BlackRock Confirming They Control The President & Absolutely Nothing Happened. “You DO NOT get who you vote for you get who BlackRock PAYS FOR. ‘Let me tell you, it’s not who the president is. It’s who’s controlling the wallet of the president” “The hedge funds, BlackRock, the banks. These guys run the world”.  Rise of BlackRock and Fascism in the US

WEF (World Economic Forum).  The King of that 50+ year old global lunatic organization, Klaus Schwab who just retired, trains young people – including Americans – how to sell their diabolical scheme to rule the world with AI robots and rid the planet of useless eaters.  And, the selling market place is local politics and government. My guv (Texas) Greg Abbott is an associate partner.)

Yuval Harari is Schwab’s right-hand man. A sodomite claims he’s married to a male.  In this documentary you will watch him say the following, paraphrasing:  AI will give “us” the ability to be god-like and engineer human beings.

“And: God will no longer make any decisions.  The Pope will not make any decisions.  All important decisions will be made by AI.  There will be no more democratic elections nor will individual consumers make their own decisions.  It will all be done by algorithms.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”  Genesis 1:27 (KJV)  We are all to become cyborgs.  What is that?  “He’s mainly, but not entirely, human.”

“It IS merging your mind with technology.  When asked about the “useless class”, there was a bit of squirming by Harari and a strained smile but the answer was very clear if you understand what these world globalists are doing right out in the open.  They hate you, me – mankind.  Except themselves, of course.

“If that sounds fantastical or some hair-brained conspiracy theory, no one will believe that after watching the Final Days documentary – IMHO a 5-star one hour proof those people are maniacs.  Transhumanism in lock-step with AI has been in the works for a long time and now the evil doers are making their move at a fast pace.”

The links in my column cited above are important regarding the treasonous CFR and Trilateral Commission and their agenda:  Destroy our constitutional republic.  So you have these major organizations holding their summits and meetings with representatives from OUR government deciding on OUR future and their agenda for us.

Like the WEF, the treasonous Trilateral Commission, (besides high-ranking U.S. officials) also trains young people from countries around the world to go back home and sell their hemlock.  Their top dogs also meet with presidents and Prime Ministers to formulate plans for world domination.

Whose running our government?  Marxist traitor Hussein Obama and Valerie Jarrett as I covered in my History Being Written column cited above.  But, they are just the ‘errand boys”.  Multitudes of those mega DNC/Biden donors are connected and work with the organizations I’ve listed.  Americans fund them with their wallets not knowing who pulls the puppet strings really are or their goals of how they are going to FORCE their lunatic agenda on us, our children and grandchildren.

Patriot Switch web site is fantastic and badly needed: “Join with over 2 million monthly shoppers that have made the switch.  We need to start voting with our dollars and ensure that our purchases are supporting companies that promote freedom.”  I quit using Google at least 20 years ago.  Never been on Facebook; there’s plenty of alternatives that are pro-America.  I do everything I can to deprive those global private organizations of the money they need to buy politicians at all levels of government in our country.

FACT SHEET: The Trilateral Leaders’ Summit at Camp David, August 18, 2023.  Official WH Release.  Go ahead and read what is being done to our sovereignty.  And why at Camp David?  This “commission” (which makes it sound official to the uninformed) and their partners are NOT elected by you and me, yet the decisions they’re making are the foundation for the total destruction of OUR sovereign nation. Don’t start with the BS about isolationism.  We’re talking about population reduction, dictating our financial markets, controlling the food supply and merging with all these foreign governments.

No doubt brain dead Biden was there but it’s doubtful he had any full understanding of the issues agreed upon unless the menu included his favorite ice cream.

Leo Hohmann is a superb writer and researcher.  This is also a must read because this is reality and it will come to your front door if we don’t stop these servants of Satan:

Klaus Schwab tells globalist-elitist followers they must ‘force’ humanity into a world ruled by AI and other dehumanizing technologies – “Schwab’s blunt language shows globalists are no longer hiding their agenda, if only people would listen and take them seriously. But they know most are zombies no longer able to think for themselves.” July 2, 2024

Regular readers know I’m always recommending books and one I can’t recommend highly enough is Trilaterals Over Washington by Patrick M. Wood and the great, remarkable Antony C. Sutton who passed away in 2002:

“My friends at Coalition for a Prosperous America and Economy in Crisis, among others are working hard to offset messed-up trade policies that put American industry in the toilet over the last 30 years*…However, people need to know where and how this all started, and who was responsible for it.  Only by understanding the genesis of globalization and modern economic politics and social trends be understood…

“Thirty-five years ago, in the November 1978 and April 1979 issues of Trilateral Observer, Antony C. Sutton and myself wrote the following analysis on China.  We warned of the disastrous effects that would result if these policies moved forward, and we thoroughly exposed the members of the Trilateral Commission who were almost solely responsible for China’s ascendant rise as a world power. That no one listened at the time is self-evident because nothing changed and no one resisted.”

Besides members of industry, trade and so forth, those organizations are also fully supported by members from both political parties in this countrywho should never be allowed to serve in CON-gress, state legislatures and local governments.  In Chapter Two of Trilaterals Over Washington, specifically pages 173-175, they really break down the Humanist Manifesto (the “constitution” of Humanism and throughout their book name names.  And, of course, “the movement in schools across the country to create “global citizens: out of America’s youth, paving the way for easy and painless implementation of “interdependence.”  Yes, that interdependence I wrote about in one of my columns back in 2013: “While not a Bilderberg, Harry Truman was not the nice little old man in the White House as people believe: “When Franklin Roosevelt died during the closing days of WWII, it fell to Truman to end the war and formulate policies for the new world order.” The Smithsonian Treasury: The Presidents (1991), pg 72

“I have written about the Tri-Lateral Commission as have others. See: Treasonous agenda of the Trilateral Commission. Only players ever get elevated to cabinet posts, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch (including the U.S. Supreme Court; Ruth Bader Ginsberg is CFR), Congress and many other high levels of government. They know where their marching orders come from.

Obama’s Trilateral Commission Team

“Barack Obama appointed eleven members of the Trilateral Commission to top-level and key positions in his administration within his first ten days in office. This represents a very narrow source of international leadership inside the Obama administration, with a core agenda that is not necessarily in support of working people in the United States.

“Obama was groomed for the presidency by key members of the Trilateral Commission. Most notably, Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller in 1973, has been Obama’s principal foreign policy advisor. According to official Trilateral Commission membership lists, there are only eighty-seven members from the United States (the other 337 members are from other countries). Thus, within two weeks of his inauguration, Obama’s appointments encompassed more than 12 percent of Commission’s entire US membership.” The list is at the link above. All working for the destruction of this republic and the ultimate goal: integrate the 50 states into one region of world government. It’s called treason.”

Know your enemy and ours aren’t just in Iran or North Korea, they’re local, state and federal elected and unelected insane maniacs.  One individual whose been working overtime for decades is Founder and President of the American Policy Center, Tom DeWeese.  That link goes to his archives and you can see what he and all the dedicated Americans who work with Tom have developed to break the choke hold over We the People.

The Silver Bullet For Victory and What Do I Mean By a Freedom Pod?

Do you go to city council meetings?  County Commissioner and school board meetings?  I do and I speak my mind at the city council meetings.  Public comments are not allowed at the county commissioner meetings.  You (and hopefully all your friends) must get to your county commissioner, make your case and politely insist that county commissioner brings up your issue.  Mobility or transportation issues?  Most city council meetings and country commissioner meetings are televised.  I’ve watched myself in the city council archives to see if I left anything out of my presentation.  You can find out the broadcast channel simply by calling the mayor’s office and the county commissioner clerk’s office or your county commissioner directly.  I speak with my city council man; he’s one good man to have on the council, let me tell you.

It’s up to us and Americans had better get on their knees and ask for God’s intervention to help us.  The forces of evil we are up against are playing for big stakes and moola.  Let us not get too distracted by radio talk show hosts who spend an hour talking about polls.  Our time is better spent on doing and we are gaining ground.  As Tom DeWeese wrote back in Oct. 4, 2023, We Must Fight Back at the Local Level

The Democrat Communist Party USA is badly wounded right now with the Biden mess of their own making.  They must be destroyed and we can do it starting today and right up until election DAY in November.  If you want something bad enough – like those who fought for OUR freedoms in the Revolutionary War, the War for Independence, then one must make sacrifices.  Otherwise, we will NEVER get back what our America once was – how will you explain that to your children?

Hope for 2024: Today There Is Technology to Stop the Postal Service Steal in the 2024 Election, July 7, 2024

CALL CONGRESS NOW AND ALL WEEK. Massive plans are in place to steal the election again in November using AI, drop boxes and allowing illegal aliens and non-citizens to vote.  House Democrats are “Bringing Out the Big Guns” to Allow Illegal Aliens to Vote in 2024 Presidential Election, July 6, 2024

TRAITORS’: Musk calls for ultimate penalty for those opposed to requiring voters to prove citizenship, July 6, 2024: “The SAVE Act will safeguard our elections by ensuring only American citizens vote in federal elections,” the House speaker said before continuing with a series of posts that explained what the legislation does.

“According to Johnson, the bill requires state election officials to ask about citizenship before providing applicants with voter registration forms. It also requires an individual to provide proof of citizenship before registering to vote in federal elections, allows state officials to accept a variety of documents to make it easy for citizens to register to vote and provides states with access to a federal agency database in which they can remove noncitizens from voter rolls and confirm citizenship for those who lack proof.

“Johnson also said the measure directs the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to determine whether to begin removal proceedings of noncitizens who have been identified as having registered to vote in federal elections and requires DHS to notify state chief election officials when an individual has been naturalized, allowing them to exercise their new right to vote.”

Time to SAVE American Voters: “STOP!” Noncitizen Voting:  “The Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act now has more than 230 state legislators supporting the measure and 104 U.S. House Members co-sponsoring this key voter protection legislation.

“Concerned American voters are calling on all members of Congress to pass the SAVE Act (H.R. 8281) when it comes to an anticipated floor vote the week of July 8th.

“The SAVE Act requires documented proof of citizenship to register for federal elections, amending current law which does not require such documentary proof when a new registration is processed.

“The SAVE act would block foreign nationals living in the US legally, as well as illegal aliens, from registering to vote. It would also help states remove noncitizens from voter rolls and comply with voter list maintenance statutes.

Just Facts, a nonpartisan research institute, estimates that between 1 million and 2.7 million noncitizens are likely to illegally vote in the 2024 presidential and congressional elections unless stronger election integrity measures are implemented.”

EVERY Republican in the House and Senate should vote yes but with so many RINO’s in both chambers, We the People must put the heat on them and don’t let up. and to find their phone numbers.

THIS is one hell of a campaign ad; 3:39 with sound. I tell you, the shot of the skydiver displaying the American flag made me want to cry by its simple beauty.


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