The Exceptionals Can’t Handle The Truth

November 15, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

Source: | By Jim Kirwan 

The voice of the voters created the death of the Mainstream Media, and those that this criminal-organization was created to benefit, simply will not accept that they have lost the election—because every single one of their filthy tricks backfired: So now they’ve decided that the election must be re-run.

What the losers cannot abide is the fact that they will all have to go to work, instead of being able to live off the productivity of the rest of us ­ for the rest of their worthless lives.

What Soros, Hillary & Obama are trying to force on the entire population of the United States, is to disallow the vote that we collectively chose just three days ago. America chose to take back this nation: And the Oligarchy, the Shadow Government, and the entire “One-World Government that’s ruled over us all for decades that simply “Can’t handle this Truth”. This is about having begun to free ourselves from all the fake forms of human-bondage.

We were told that this could never be done without

a violent overthrow of the nation. This is what these lawless traitors are now trying so
desperately to reverse; after having so colossally failed

to do illegally, in their supposedly & absolutely-fixed-elections.

At the end of this last election-day, when the smoke finally cleared, all the impostors that have been running the world for decades were stripped naked before the world—and what we’re all seeing now is their pathetic “objection” to having finally been exposed for who and what they’ve always been: traitors, sexual-perverts, mass-murderers, torturer’s impostors one & all, seeking to steal the world from the human race.

This is the 2016 answer to what Benjamin Franklin said in 1787:

when he was asked “What have we got” he replied.

A Republic, if you can keep it!’

In this context the world can finally see exactly how we’ve all been trapped, for so many decades, in these false-paradigms and con games, that were all designed to force the world into political and social slavery worldwide.

This response to the most important event since 1787, the United States of America today has finally begun ‘The Overthrow of U.S. Incorporated’, that was never legal in the first place. What we will deal with now, between the victorious election and the inauguration of Donald Trump, will be the clear removal of the last of the American Barbarians that are still demanding the overthrow of America, from the inside out, that was at stake in the 2016 presidential Election.

Congress needs to hold public hearings to confront Hillary Clinton, George Soros and Barrack Obama,, ON THE RECORD, to testify about their role in the current unrest which these traitors have funded—IN ORDER TO OVERTURN THE VALID ELECTION that they have so vehemently tried to first prevent—and now they want to overturn…


CRYING Hillary Voters FREAK OUT! Howling, Screaming!
As Clinton LOSES 2016 Election

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