The Meducation of Our Nation

February 7, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

by Lynne M Taylor

February 6, 2024

My name is Lynne M Taylor, however, I’m also known as Common Core Diva. My combined expertise as a former educator has led me to become a trusted resource for many in the US, as well as across the world. My purpose today is to bring light to the trail of ‘meducating’ (combined overreaches of medicating and educating our students of all ages, in our schools AND in our communities) that is seeing a marked increase, in not only HOW our students are being over medicated and underserved, but to shed light on HOW we CAN and MUST fight back.

This article has been a result of my intensive research, as well as meeting and conferring with the original whistleblowers on ‘meducation’. Please feel free to use this resource in your local, state or federal activism. What we’re seeing in the US, isn’t exclusive to us. It’s a world-wide push for controlling minds, hearts and families. I’m available to speak to any group willing to learn, listen, and act on the information shared.

In my research, which began before ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), it already proved that the collusion of Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Government was a huge citizen issue.

However, it wasn’t until uncovering several mandates in ESSA, that the purposed and evil shift of INCREASING exponentially, the ‘de facto rules’ embedded in ESSA, that healthcare would be the ‘driver’ of the top-down agenda to SHIFT not only our students thinking, but how their bodies would be assaulted by over prescribed drugs (medicines) and over prescribed behavior ‘interventions’.

*Did you know that when ESSA became ‘national law’, the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services was given THE single biggest power increase to date? It also saw a recalculation of Title One funding (thanks to Congress, especially NC’s Thom Tillis). The recalculation changed the amount of Medicaid funds to EVERY school (or school related health care entity). Before ESSA, Title One impacted those students who needed assistance. After the recalculation, it became a smothering blanket for EVERY student. Regardless of a true need or not.

To clearly understand where we are in 2024, I think it’s imperative to take a look backwards, first.

You may already know that near the turn of the 20th Century, John D. Rockefeller devoted his money to petroleum and all the things which could be created from this resource–including synthetic vitamins. Due to the laws of the early 1900s, it was easy for big corporations (and/or deep pockets) to influence DC. However, when you take in the fact that Rockefeller JOINED Andrew Carnegie to fund America’s medical schools, a toxic monopoly was born. This monopoly has grown through so many smaller companies, laws, as well as become accepted as ‘standard practice’. This toxic monopoly also didn’t stop at the borders of the United States, it spread to other nations and has become a trillion dollar profit making cycle of deception. It’s a global sledge hammer willing, ready and able to control our culture/communities/schools. The toxic monopoly of Rockefeller and Carnegie connected them to not only DC, but the United Nations, as well. Fast forward to 2024, and it’s easy to see that the ‘meducation’ aspect thrives in the Sustainable Development Goals, especially within SDGs #3 and #4 (health care and education, respectively).

We cannot leave the blame simply at the financial altar of Rockefeller and Carnegie, we also need to acknowledge a WV Senator: Robert C Byrd. It was under his ‘direction’ of Congress (aka: coercion) that Medicaid became a part of our schools. His target population was the low income and underserved families. What did this mean? It meant ANY child the government deemed to be within those 2 target groups was ‘snapped up’.

Thanks to Byrd’s pattern, by 2014, “Free Care Reversal” allowed schools to receive EVEN MORE Medicaid funding. It was the first time in education history (that I could locate) where States were allowed to ‘double dip’ into federal funds (ie: taxpayer dollars).

Let’s consider, if private citizens ‘double dip’ or abuse federal funds, it’s a felony. States are ‘encouraged’ to conduct ‘meducation’ in this unconstitutional and criminal manner. Because of Byrd’s insertion of Medicaid in schools, across the nation, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), a massive expansion of health and behavioral assessments was created. COVID has expanded this EVEN FURTHER. The BiPartisan Safer Schools Act has beefed up behavioral, mental health, physical health ‘meducation’ to levels that are acts of daily crimes against our children. Elsewhere around the world, many variations of these schemes are visited upon families.

When ESSA was signed into ‘de facto rule’ (aka: federal law) in 2015 under the Obama Administration, Education and health care created/expanded:

Reformulated Medicaid funding for whole schools and communities.
Embedded CHIP into community funding.
Expanded mental and behavioral health ‘interventions’, often without proper parental consent (Since COVID, both the Trump and Biden Administrations, implemented even more overreaches in these areas, especially in the in-home visits of families).

In 2018, under the Trump Administration, Medicaid Block Grants were created. These Grants are still in use and cover:

K-12 health ‘benchmarks’ that are also used on any adult participating in a whole school health care program or service.
In-home, government mandated health benchmarks. These benchmarks, if not met by the families, are being micromanaged at a local/state/federal level.
Created new mandates for 20-64 year old citizens. (birth to 18 is covered by taxpayer funded Medicaid, as is 65 and older)

  • Did you know that ‘mandates’ from a government view are parameters based on RoI (Return on Investment) NOT your individual needs? These parameters force observation on your weight, your choice of contraception, as well as dictate how chronic conditions and illnesses are treated, as well as control any and ALL behavioral conditions. The mandates of ESSA, COVID relief money and Medicaid Block Grants expects and DEMANDS that ALL States COMPLY or lose state and local funding. These mandates also align Medicaid funds with commercial providers (Hence, public-private partnerships. P3s are fascist, not Constitutional.)

All these activities have turned our day cares and colleges into federally recognized (and ‘rewarded’ as such) qualified medical centers! Justifications by educrats (those who control education with little to no clue OR are in step with the agenda at hand) include: “Better access”, ‘More equity’; “Better outcomes” and even ‘DEI justice’. (*DEI is short for diversity, equity and inclusion)

What this system is actually accomplishing is a ‘cradle to grave’ wheel that encircles EVERY age person. It attacks our VABs (Values, Attitudes and Beliefs). It seeks to correct our God-given rights into government assigned rights. It violates, several times a day, our civil rights as well.

It’s turning our children, at any age, as well as ourselves into government commodities to be controlled and traded.


Look at your State’s Departments of Education and Health/Human Services. Do you see any of the phrases I’ve shared above? ANYTHING surrounding ‘student safety or their well being and overall health NEEDS to be NOTED. Look at both Departments Code of Ethics, if you see something like “Abide by the Department’s policies” TAKE NOTE.

Take your notes and compare them with notes from those in your circles of influence. Get together with your like minded parents or taxpayers. Discuss what you have found. There IS a law which exists and can be used to STOP the “MEDUCATION”!

42 US Code, Section 1983 is also known as the “Civil Rights Act of 1981” The section, most helpful to WE the People, is of course, Section 1983. It’s the Section which lays out recourse for ANY and ALL US Citizens whose rights have been deprived.

*Did you know that the Section 1983 of the 1981 Civil Rights Acts expressly reserves CIVIL ACTIONS private citizens can make against ANY government representative (elected or appointed)?! This gold mine of a law has NO statute of limitations, applies to any US citizen, regardless of age and addresses ANY misuse of a public authority in office. This means any of the school boards participating in the ‘meducation’ of your child are liable. ANY of the government employees with Medicaid, Dept of Education or Health/Human Services are liable. ANY of the law enforcement used to carry out your compliance (or enforce your lack of) is liable! According to Cornell Law School, the success of using this Section against tyranny is that the harm being caused OR PLANNED TO BE ENACTED is personal. Thus, your civil action in addressing these people in power MUST become personal as well!

Think about it, if you seek civil action against an entire school board or government office, big money and power are brought against you. However, when you seek civil action against EVERY single person participating in the ‘meducation’ process, you level the power to be in your favor.

This Civil Action section can also be used in excessive police force cases, ‘land grab’ cases, etc.! YOUR civil liberty is guaranteed (as well as your child’s) by the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments of the US Constitution. Education and health care, as we know, violate our 9th and 10th Amendments.

If you’d like more information on how to use the Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act of 1981, let me know. The process is not complicated, but it is effective. I’m not a lawyer, but I do know that to beat the corruption we are experiencing, we MUST use the LAW against tyranny or we won’t win.

Lastly, know that the 2024 elections will see BOTH mainstream political parties attaching their platforms to many of these issues, if not all of them. Citizens, while the parties will appear to differ in their embracing of ‘meducation’, they are united in funding and in legislation. We cannot allow any government official to carry this collusion forward.