The Plan And How It Was Supposed To Happen…

November 7, 2016 in News by RBN Staff


Source: | By Si Contino


I’m sending the above two links to you this morning because they illustrate, at least in my mind, precisely how the Establishment planned to globalize the American political system… many, many years ago.


Here’s how things were supposed to go…

1)  Create a two party system where BOTH parties believe in the same core (globalist) principles, i.e., Free Trade, Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Climate Change, etc.

2)  Leave the old political coalitions (nationalist/constitutionalist) leaderless; rendering them politically flaccid and incapable of reacting to change.

3)  Stigmatize the belief systems of the old political coalitions as being those of the uneducated or minimally educated, i.e., angry white racist, mainly male, whose ideas about constitutional governance were those best viewed as American history…. and seen as ideas developed and implemented by angry white males as well.

4)  Replace the old political coalition with a new political coalition (comprised of Third Worlders, Illegal aliens, immigrants, females, blacks and the young and naive) that have all been immersed in the political philosophy of globalization. A coalition led by American’s mostly white intelligentsia; who grant as many free economic benefits (free in the sense that the recipients don’t pay for these benefits themselves) as the American Establishment can heap upon them. Whose economic largess, ironically enough, was paid for (many, many years before) by the wealth generated by those selfsame old angry white male racists, which have now been scorned and vilified. All this, in order to consolidate the new amalgam into a dependable voting block (a new base if you will), for BOTH of America’s political parties, Republican and Democrat, going forward.

5)  Ignore the problems created by the new political belief system (and the coalition instituting them) until the members of the old coalition fragment off into trifling splinter groups, and or, until the old coalition is fully replaced through attrition.

That was the plan…. until Donald Trump happened.

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